Choose Your Own Adventure

Life can be a grand adventure, especially when you have children. Below are a few examples of situations our family and friends have faced. After each one, just ask yourself, what would you do?

 You bring your children to a dinner party at a friend’s house. During the course of the evening you discover that your youngest child is missing. You go in search of him and find him in the bathroom, brushing his teeth with the host’s toothbrush.
What do you do?

 It’s the annual Partner’s Club children’s party. Suddenly a semi-circle of parents and children has formed in front of your child. From a distance you see your son, with both hands in an “I surrender” contemplative pose, pants down to his ankles, relieving himself in front of a hushed crowd and the refreshment booth.
What do you do?

 You take your child out to a pizza parlor and she picks the gum off of the underside of the table and eats it.
What do you do?

 You are a businessman trying to establish yourself in a new community. Your 7 year-old son has just won a highly prestigious county-wide contest. As he accepts his award in front of hundreds of people, the MC asks a few questions, the last of which is “So what does your Daddy do for a living?” to which your son replies, “My Dad is a mime.”
What do you do?

 Your little son sticks a tiny toy up his nose. Despite your efforts, you cannot get the toy out, finally ending up in the local emergency room for professional help. Later, after returning home, you are bemused at how your son could have done this. In an experiment, you stick the same toy up your nose and it gets irretrievably lodged.
What do you do?

November 12, 2002
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