Baker Library Introduces Regular Harbus Column

This is the first issue of a regular semi-monthly column from Baker Library. Its purpose is to provide an ongoing forum for keeping students informed about library services and resources. Some of the features you can expect to see in the future include:

 Information about new resources of special interest to students

 Responses to questions posed by individual students that would be of interest to others

 Highlights about new career resources to help your job search

 Information about classes to help you conduct research, whether for your job search, business plan, or course work

 Information about exhibits or events sponsored by Baker Library

 Selected items from HBS Working Knowledge

 Updates on new electronic resources and their features

 Explanations about services or resources that would be of particular use to students during a specific phase in the academic year

From time to time, we will also be using this column to keep you informed about plans to renovate Baker Library. The building will undergo a complete renovation beginning in Summer, 2003, and this will require that the existing structure be completely evacuated. The collections and services must be dispersed over at least two temporary service points on campus while construction is underway. The move out is scheduled for late spring/early summer in 2003. As we formulate a plan to manage the necessary transition, we will use this column to communicate proposed changes, as well as to solicit your input and feedback. We hope and anticipate that even those of you who will be graduating before then will want to contribute to this planning process and help shape the Baker Library that future generations of HBS students will use. You will probably get the opportunity to return as an alumnus and benefit from the improvements yourself. Alumni often tell us that they didn’t fully appreciate the immense resource that Baker Library constitutes until after they graduated and needed information for their jobs.

We are currently conducting an exit survey and encourage those of you who visit the Library during the remainder of the semester to complete one of the survey forms. This will give us valuable information about how you use the building and resources. The survey only takes a minute or so to complete and your input will help to ensure that the new building incorporates the features students need in order to accomplish their goals while at HBS.

Please don’t hesitate to send your comments and feedback on our column to me at

April 1, 2002
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