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The MouseDriver Chronicles
by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison

Perseus Publishing, 2002
The MouseDriver Chronicles is a likable book chronicling the experience of two Wharton MBAs from the class of 1999 who started a company. If their learning experience came out of the bubble, it had more to do with traditional business activities than “burn rates” and “eyeballs.” The authors made a profit (however small) with their product: a computer mouse shaped like a golf driver. If the product concept seems slight, at least it is a real product that had to be designed, manufactured, and sold. The narrative of events is quite engaging and the authors are open and analytical about their mistakes-as well as their successes. A worthwhile read for anyone considering starting a company in the era.

Wired News
It’s amazing that we haven’t reviewed this site until now, it seems so obvious a choice. Better late than never. Terra Lycos’ Wired News is everything you’d expect it to be, and that’s saying a lot. The online version of the print magazine for tech hipsters carries over its in-the-know cachet in an accessible, no-nonsense format. The site is loaded with articles intelligently broken down into “Current Hoo-Ha” sections such as “Cult of Mac,” “Women in Tech,” “Privacy Matters,” and even a nod to the non-electric, “Unwired News.” We were going to focus on the fine “E-biz” section, but the rest of the content is so good, you’d be shortchanging yourself to skip it. Besides, if you’re part of the E-commerce culture, all wired news is your business.

April 16, 2002
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