B Here and There

Now that Club B is a sovereign nation thanks to last week’s Skydeck, things are starting to look up among the Clubbers. We’ve all been desperately counting the days until Spring Break and 43% of us are still counting the number of rejection letters sent to us.
Viva Las Vegas

The Mirage in fabulous Las Vegas was host to Club B on our recent Vegas trip. We won some. We lost some. But in the end, we realized how ultimately wise Kenny Rogers is: You gotta know when to hold em….know when to fold em…..
What else went on during the trip?

o Congratulations to Vivake Bhalla for making it through a cavity search after revealing that he had a pair of scissors in his jacket pocket while going through security at Logan Airport.

o The gang had a passer-by take a picture of the group, only to find out that she is an HBS admissions rep. It’s ironic because in some way she was responsible for all the Clubbers being there-her, and CitiAssist.

o When Kate Hartwell, Susan Dunn, and Anna Mallett went shopping during the day, they found a dress that all three of them just had to have. Ben Margoles, James Fincher, and Andrew Right had the pleasure of escorting them when the ladies all wore the same dress that night. As a matter of fact, Ben Margoles says “When we walked them through the casino, every guy’s jaw dropped.” Can you blame them???

o They bumped into Matt Damon and Steven Speilberg who promptly promised to feature Club B in their next movie.

Special thanks to Mary Pappas for putting the trip together. Where will Club B pop up next?????
Wanna B’s

Club B got it’s first taste of the new kids on the block during Admit Weekend. Those few lucky admits who got to sit in on our section are DEFINITELY coming to HBS. Someone should warn them that we are by far the best section on campus so that they won’t be bitterly disappointed next year when they are inevitably going to wind up in a lesser section.
Many of us lent a hand to Admissions Rep extraordinaire, Eva Papoutsakis by attending events that weekend. Pub night at Sophia’s was a showcase of first years having a good time and admits being up tight and trying to sell their story. Luckily there was enough sangria there to help us make it through the night.

But I have to say that my personal favorite was one of the admits who sat in on FIN2. She was quoted as saying “Bond Math is SOOOO boring” before she fell asleep and after she played Tetris on her palm pilot. Looks like she will definitely fit in here!

March 25, 2002
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