An Editorial Wish List

Since its inception sixty-five years ago, the mission of The Harbus has been to report on issues of concern and interest to the HBS community from an HBS viewpoint. A key factor in ensuring the paper’s ongoing editorial success is broad, representative contribution from all segments of the HBS community. The Harbus strives to achieve broad representation in each issue. Ultimately, however, the editorial board can only choose to publish articles from those that have been voluntarily submitted.

In an attempt to solicit contributions from community members from whom we don’t think we’ve heard enough, the editorial board recently created the following “wish list” of suggested submissions:

o March 2002 is Women’s History Month. During this month, submissions relating to the history of women in business and society as a whole would particularly be welcome.

o Increased military representation: About 10% of the MBA Class of 2002 and 2003 have spent a significant amount of time in the armed forces. This fact distinguishes HBS from other business schools. Members of the HBS community who have had experience in the armed forces bring a valuable perspective to class discussions. There is scope for increasing the representation of such perspective in these pages as well.

o More than 30% of MBA students are international. Increasing the number of views from students of countries other than the U.S. is key to achieving proper community representation in the paper.

o In addition to being the business leaders of tomorrow, very many of the HBS community also display keen artistic talents. The Harbus would like to publish the fruits of those talents: photojournalism pieces, photo essays, and original artwork submissions are in high demand.

o Though it will be a hard act to follow, The Harbus needs a replacement humor cartoonist, as Sky Deck’s Tom Fishburne (OB) is graduating this year. (Best wishes, Tom, and we look forward to the final editions of Sky Deck.) We would also be thrilled to add a political/editorial cartoonist to our set of featured contributors.

o Look around the paper. We have many sections in which a broad range of perspectives and content can fit. If you have an idea for a submission, please take the plunge! Submit! Make your mother proud.

The editorial board wishes to express thanks to members of the HBS community for their continued support. We look forward to continuing to publish your submissions over the course of the year.