A Status Update for Mom

Dear Mom,
It was fantastic to see you over the holidays. Thanks for taking that extra day off to wash all my HBS club t-shirts. As for all the stuff I left at the house, the cases marked “TOM” will make great kindling during those cold winter nights (as they are thicker and meatier than the rest) while the ones marked “MKT” will be better to line Scruffy’s cage with (as they are a little fluffier). Also, it’s not pronounced “farce”, it’s pronounced “F…R…C”; and even though it’s called Leadership and Organizational Behavior, it’s not “LOB”, it’s “LEAD.” You can throw all the pads of paper and highlighters out…it’s second semester, so I won’t be needing them. It seems this semester is a little different from the last in a few ways.

1) New Acronyms: I was negotiating with the woman at the furniture store for an antique dresser, and when I asked her politely if she would reveal to me her BATNA she slapped me and called the police. I could have sworn we had a little ZOPA between us.

2) The Job Hunt: During first semester Career Services pulled the RC aside and said, “It may be a little challenging out there, but at least you guys aren’t screwed like the EC.” Now it’s a little different though; they say that people who have had previous experience in food service or lifeguarding should have no problem this summer. I signed up for 28 interviews. Eight were cancelled, I got 14 dings and six companies called to taunt and laugh at me.

3) Treks: In an effort to find that perfect job, I have signed up for all the Treks I could squeeze into my schedule. WesTrek and EuroTrek were interesting; AsiaTrek, HollywoodTrek, AtlantaTrek and AustinTrek were also a good time. I think I was taken advantage of by one of the clubs. I signed up for StarTrek, got a free t-shirt, but haven’t received any information since I paid.

4) New Classes: Professors this semester actually require you to back up claims and sound intelligent. Last semester comments like, “That Taran Swan is a really great manager,” and “Boy, Erik Peterson seems a little goofy,” would have earned you a I. This semester we have to include information such as what country they are from and who the President of that country is.

5) New Seats: I have moved from the worm deck to the power deck and can now make it through class without getting sprayed by overexcited professors. I can also see who else has bald spots, who is playing minesweeper, and what other people are scoring at Bingo.

6) New Activities: Last semester was getting a little old on the social side. We would go out in big groups, run into other big groups and then sit around, get drunk, and talk about school. Now it’s a lot different. We drive 3-4 hours to Vermont in big groups, run into other big groups, put on warmer clothes, sit around, get drunk, and talk about school.

7) Spring Break: Spring break is a great opportunity for us to fly to a different hemisphere in big groups, run into other big groups, get some sun, sit around, get drunk, and talk about school.

Well, Mom, thank you again for the great holiday presents. I’ll see you soon.

Love, Mike