Women's Basketball Team 5 Advances to Finals Undefeated

Monday night, Team 5 played their two best games back-to-back to advance to the finals. After using Game 1 to get warmed up (!), Game 2 against Team 4 proved to be a showdown between teammates from college, Jessica Gelman and Amy Reinhard. Both played extraordinarily and with grace given the pressure of the situation at hand. But what made the game especially fun was the depth of players on each team. Nevertheless, Team 5 won 72-48, their highest scoring game of the season. Team 5 highlights included Jessica’s four 3-pointers. She was well supported by Diana Franke and Emily Sipe each coming in with solid performances, scoring 16 and 15 points, respectively. Katie Higgins showed us that she had a lot of gas left in the tank as she was “en fuego” in Game 2-firing off 12 points. Unfortunately, our other former college sensation, Kara “Mitochondria” Murphy went out late in the first half with a pulled hamstring, we expect her to rest up and rebound for next week. Erin Thomas played excellent defense-artfully stealing the ball a couple times. This was most impressive given that she had run 21 miles the day before for her marathon training. And lastly, Asha Banker made some sort of defensive presence on the court, dazzling everyone with her ability to double dribble-twice. See you on Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm for the final game.

April 2, 2001
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