What's new in HARBUS Sports?

Well folks, I am confident that this is the most important and exciting thing that has happened since Erik Peterson got canned from the telephone joint in Vermont – a new HARBUS sports section. Besides commentary that rivals Rick Reilly, photos that the AP and Reuters would fight for, and sports information that is no older than a week old, the section has some exciting new features:

o The HBS Runner’s Calendar For those of you who are looking for a fun jog or a challenging road race, look at this section for the week’s events and contact information.

o Sports Quote of the Week.

o Focus – A bi-weekly feature that will focus on the sports interests of members of the HBS student body, faculty, and staff.

o This Week in Boston Sports Beantown is a mecca for professional sports. Use this calendar to plan game or two.

o Golf Roundup (coming soon) Our golf experts will give you tips, hints, and previews of courses in the area.

So, all of these changes. What hasn’t changed? The fact that I don’t have enough people contributing to my section. If you can think of anything even remotely related to sports, jump on the computer and drop me a few lines at

February 5, 2001
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