The Wedding Planner

Starring: Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Mcconaughey
Directed by: Adam Shankman
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 120 minutes

Cinematic Question: Is love just love?
Cinematic Moral: Beware of romantic inertia.

I wanted so very much to get swept away at the cinema. This movie is horrible though–not even worth “Chick-Flick” credit. Granted, the group of teen girls in front of me seemed to love the film; however, if you go, go with very low expectations.
In, The Wedding Planner, Jennifer Lopez plays a peppy career woman who is great at what she does–she can turn any wedding into the perfect romantic event. But, when she begins to fall for the groom (Matthew McConaughey) in one of the weddings she’s planning, all of her foundations are shaken, and she realizes that maybe her own life lacks love.
Perhaps the biggest gripe one could have about the film is its script, whereby the dialogue lacks rhythm and depth. It’s a little odd that Jennifer Lopez is Italian all of the sudden, although she wears a classy look throughout the film which, of course, is so typical of wonderful Italian dress and design. Refreshingly, rather than being the typical manipulative woman, Mary (Jennifer Lopez) does display dignity and integrity. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) of course confesses to being “typical male,” and their interplay has its amusing moments. Plus, he heroically gets to save Mary from danger at least twice, although he is no “Braveheart.”
I’m still not quite sure why Mary saw the runaway dumpster barreling toward her yet still tried to salvage her Gucci shoe, but then, maybe that’s because I’ve never been in that situation!