The Scoop from Aldrich 107

OUR LEAD ITEM: Who else was impressed by the big-screen display of Nintendo prowess shown by none other than E.G. Whelan, who reminded many of us of a childhood (or was that lonely high school weekends) spent mastering where to jump and how to snag the gold coins in Super Mario Brothers. Far scarier was Josh Weisbrod, who brought in his copy of Atari’s famed E.T. game-fished out of a landfill perhaps?-for show `n tell….DID YOU BRING US BACK SOME GUINNESS? Dann Angeloff and Mike Dobbs spent their long weekend getting beat up on the rugby pitches of Ireland, then kicking back and enjoying the residuals at one of many pubs. It may have been Presidents’ Weekend, but those fellas were living like kings….NEWSFLASH! KARAOKE CANCELLED! Someone break the news to Carola. Benji and Britney will be back in full force later this spring….HOOPS UPDATE I: Who caught Carolyn “Kobe” Bockius or Kelly “KG” Granat hooping it up for their respective intramural teams? As they sit next to each other in class, are they diagramming new plays?…HOOPS UPDATE II: Joaquin “Say my name, say my name” Tamez did double-duty last week, stepping in to coach the IM “B” squad to a nice finish over NH. The next night, a stout sextet rang up the “B” squad’s second straight victory, this time over OH 36-33 in a nail-biter. Big shout-out to Arvind “The Microwave” Narayana and Sean “That was a foul??” Gass, who did more than his fair share of dirty work under the boards….TUCK THIS: You cannot stop them, you can only hope to contain them. We’re talking about Katie “Don’t Messier with me” Cousins and Gretchen “G-Thang” Engster, who powered the HBS Blades women’s hockey squad to a title up at Dartmouth last weekend….FILE UNDER “DISTRESSED:” Yes, the rest of us notice when you pit dive. And we laugh about it behind your back….CANDY TOP FIVE: 1. Chewy Sweet Tarts 2. Twizzlers 3. Hershey miniatures 4. Now `n’ Laters 5. Those ultra-random fruity-syrupy things floating around. Hunh?…THIS WEEK’S TAKEAWAY: When all else fails, follow your dream and buy the Pro Bowlers Association.

February 26, 2001
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