The Scoop From Aldrich 107

OUR LEAD ITEM: It was nice for The Spies to see so many Section A peeps wandering the halls of the Charles Hotel two weeks ago for Hell Week. It’s not just that a great majority of us were joining the line for consulting interviews; it’s that we really seemed to be enjoying ourselves. Rather than think of it as an interview, many seemed to note that it was “just like C&S.” Ah, if only I had something similar to my notes for Crown Cork and Seal as I was grilled on the finer points of a growth strategy for the paper-products industry. Anyhoo, the hospitality suites were truly hospitable, with friendly section faces all over the place, toasting each other with complimentary drinks and trying not to feel-as the esteemed EK might put it-“commoditized.”…HOOPS UPDATE: The “B” Team is looking for its first game after postponing last week. Looking forward to the debut of Aman “I can take anyone off the dribble-anyone” Kapadia, Sean “I’ll Knock You On Your” Gass, and the others. From the “A” side, the squad is looking forward to a boost off the bench from The Big Nasty, Phil Black, who was seen training for the vicious A league trash-talk scene during an intense full-court, one-on-one game with this reporter. Bill “Partner in Crime” Moore also seems poised to flex some nasty tip-dunk before the season is over. Probably on a missed shot by Houman “I’m here for my defense” Fardin. MORE FROM THE RECRUITING FRONT: Congrats to everyone who took part in Hell Week. Everyone looked slick, spoke slicker and, in general, represented the section really well. We need a good section-wide plan to cover for those folks who may need to fly away for interviews…FROM THE “BALANCED PAYMENTS” FILE: Caught two As admiring a certain prof’s sartorial selections last week…QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which Section A-er seems to display the most self-love? Something to think about in the break between classes, isn’t it? … IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE: It’s very hard to produce any Valentine’s Day-themed Section A column without even a passing reference to the aptly named Emily Love…SHOWING THE LOVE-MESSAGES FROM A-ERS TO THEIR LOVED ONES: “Sweet, after one week wearing Jimmy Tango’s weight-reducing heat beads, I came to realize that-I am the devil, and I will let the rivers run red with the blood of all mankind. I sleep in my oven, I cry when I see trees, and I burn symbols in my pets with a hot curling iron. Our last Valentine’s Day away, Sweet. I love you, J. Tango.” MORE LOVE NOTES: “To my two favorite girls-KT and Cooline-Happy V-Day! Love, Daddy”… REMEMBER “RICKY LOVES CANDY”: Whatever happened to the candy bucket? No matter…How about Section A’s Top 5 Favorite V-Day Candy Choices? (1) Sweet Tarts; (2) Twizzlers; (3) Chocolate (from a sampler, of course); (4) Lollipops; (5) Candy hearts (who’s bringing `em on Wednesday?)…LAST WORD: Spread the love this week, especially to those of us still looking around for gainful summer employment

February 12, 2001
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