The OF Juggernaut Continues to Roll . . .

OF racked up its fourth victory in a row this week over the RC men of ND. With a smothering defense, the OF side clamped down tighter than the new doors on the Spangler Center (am I the only one have trouble opening those things?!!), allowing just 10 points in the second half. Dale “The Architect” Chappell demonstrated that he understood the lessons from TOM by crafting a full-court defense that thoroughly confounded the First Years and left them looking like 1st time Crimson Greeters. Dale also led all scorers with 17 on the night, although some doubt was cast upon the accuracy of the numbers after it was discovered that Dale had been “keeping score” during several of the timeouts throughout the night. Perhaps a few points wandered across the scoresheet from Ash Vahman’s box, as his play on the night spoke much louder than the four points recorded. Or was Ash simply docked a few points for showing up in a non-regulation white T?

Birthday Boy Jon Chase added nine points and some spirited play, while Terrence Lewis and Gonzalo Dulanto both had to earn their points inside the hard way. Johnny “Finger-Lickin’ Good” Andrews (video available soon) was kind enough to add eight points to the victory, along with several impressive steals, and gets the “get a tan!” Award for his post-game antics.

February 26, 2001
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