The Intraview's Post Game Interview

Me ‘n’ Her

AuntieGoldie: OK, this is more of a comment than a question. I would just like to say that there is nothing wrong with using various electronic means to research potential/current/ex-significant others. If it weren’t for Lexis-Nexis, I wouldn’t know that two out of my three ex-boyfriends are now married. Care to support me on this one?

Choe: Well, I don’t research ex-boyfriends; I only research potential boyfriends. Researching ex-boyfriends is just weird.

AuntieGoldie: I was happy to hear that David is a Planner. Why do you think so many guys think it is OK to decide what they’re going to do on a date 45 minutes into the date?

Choe: I don’t know, I think they’re just lazy. I think they just assume
the woman’s going to do it.

AuntieGoldie: Oh, I almost forgot to ask. Did David drive, or did you take a cab?

Choe: We took a cab.

AuntieGoldie: Do you think I should make it an Intraview law that all dates must use cabs as their form of transportation?

Choe: Well, I heard about that first cabdriver date, so I’m not sure a cab law is necessarily a good thing.

AuntieGoldie: Any advice for the Lucky Lady in New York?
Choe: I would say she should be careful because he’s a good catch.

Me ‘n’ Him

AuntieGoldie: I’m starting both interviews with commentary today. I would just say that I think Casa Romero is a great date restaurant-I’ve been there twice on dates-even though I will confess Mexican food on a first date is a bit controversial.

Schlendorf: Definitely. I probably wouldn’t have gone if I had known just how Mexican the restaurant actually was.

AuntieGoldie: Let’s stick with the Mexican thing. You actually have Mexican friends who say Mexico is a part of America? Mexicans generally get extremely angry at AuntieGoldie when she says things like that.

Schlendorf: All the Mexicans I know seem to think that America encompasses the entire Western Hemisphere. Colombia, the United States, Mexico, etc.

AuntieGoldie: What is your opinion of women who use Google to research a) potential dates, or b) ex-boyfriends?

Schlendorf: Researching potential dates is a little much. Researching ex-boyfriends is way over the top.

AuntieGoldie: New York is apparently Love Central. Do you think Auntie’s luv outlook would improve if she trekked down New York for a little search and recovery operation?

Schlendorf: Definitely. New York’s got something for everyone.

AuntieGoldie: As you know, the job prospects for this year’s graduating class are not good. Do you think Blue Moon singing telegrams has any potential as a revenue-generating venture?

Schlendorf: They sounded pretty good.

AuntieGoldie: How much would you be willing to pay for a singing telegram?

Schlendorf: I’m actually a big fan of oldies, but I’m not sure I would pay a lot for an actual singing telegram.

Me ‘n’ The

AuntieGoldie: Well, this is where I usually ask if there will be another Intraview, and since that’s clearly not going to happen, I’ll try something else. Uh, how are your other relationships working out?

Choe: It’s actually going really well. It’s only been a month, though, so, we’ll just have to see.

Schlendorf: New York is definitely a struggle, but it’s going as well as could be expected.

December 10, 2001
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