The Back Nine, First Edition

When Jamie Warder approached me to write a few columns about golf for the Harbus, I asked him to check his temperature. First, I am hardly a scratch golfer, where “scratch” represents generally shooting par (normally 72 strokes) on an 18-hole course. Second, if it weren’t for the sun and stars being aligned perfectly on two pristine days last July, I couldn’t even say that I’ve shot in the 80’s.
That said, I think Jamie approached me because I’ve only played for two seasons and am living proof that with a few lessons and some practice at the driving range, it’s possible to lower your score by 20-30 strokes. So it’s with an 87 and an 88 under my belt, and an average score of 94-95, that I go forth…
In future issues, we’ll get some other folks involved. Specifically, Andrew “Mona” Oxtoby (ND) has volunteered to write a column on why you should keep the long irons in your bag on shots outside of 185-190 yards and rely solely on a utility “7-wood.” And Joaquin Tamez (NA) will provide some pointers on his “Mexican Math” – defined as the ability to consistently take between 95-105 strokes per round, yet inexplicably end up with an 85-86 on your scorecard…
For the diehards out there, golf pro Joe McKinney will visit Shad and conduct video analysis of your swing on Thursday February 22 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. I did this in the fall, and for $15 would suggest that it’s worth it if you have never seen your swing on video. Pre-registration is required and clubs are available or you may bring your own. I’d suggest a mid-iron that you’re most comfortable with, i.e. a 7-iron. Call Shad at 495-6060 to schedule.
At any rate, since neither you nor I are playing golf this weekend (in Boston at least), and because I’m back in Foundations for 48 more hours, and the Hong Kong is awaiting, we’ll close here for the first edition. In future columns you expect to hear about the following:
o Heated driving ranges in the area where students can take lessons and practice before spring officially arrives.
o How to get accurately measured for equipment (club length, loft and lie; steel vs. graphite; et)
o The areas of the game to concentrate on to drop the most strokes in the quickest manner (think short)
o Why you may be better off teeing it up with a `3 wood over a driver.
o Reviews of area course
o A layman’s guide to golf etiquette, by Barry “The course is for drinking” Horgan (ND), and much more.
So stay tuned.

February 12, 2001
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