The Almighty Frog Fast Approaches

The Best Trip Report from the various Frog President’s Day Weekend Activities comes from Oliver Mayer, who went with Angela Chao (OE) to London. Oliver set the two of them up with a private dining room at the Royal Opera House, where they enjoyed a delectable meal and tasty beverages staged both before the show and during its two half-hour intermissions. After the fat lady sang, Oliver brought Angela back to the dining room, got down on his knee, and asked her to marry him. Luckily the drinks had kicked in and she said, “Yes.” The next day the newly engaged couple took the Eurostar to Paris and spent the day walking the shores of the Seine.

Unfortunately, they had to return to student life in Boston the next day. Regardless, Congratulations to Angela and Oliver!

Cogratulations also to Yue Huang and Victoria Barbenza, wives of Yong Li and Mariano Garrasino, who have finally arrived from Shanghai and Buenos Aires to join the Frog Pond. And to James Cantu, who had to go all the way to Block Island to cook for the first time in his life, baking a set of brownies under the tutelage of Allison Weinberg and her husband Jason Barro.
Some interesting trends have been developing in the classroom. Most disturbing was the tearing down of our flags and removal of the ceiling tiles, which has resulted in a dozen bare light bulbs hanging over the Sky Deck. Aldrich 208 has taken on the feeling of a third world interrogation chamber, an effect which has been enhanced by our BGIE cases of late. How come whenever a professor asks, “Does anyone have experience with…” Sam Wolff always raises his hand? Except when we were asked about chewing tobacco for the UST case. Yeah, Sam, selective memory, eh? Once mild-mannered Admissions Rep David Wright seems to have beefed up his courage after butchering so many international guests’ names. Lately he’s been raising his hand solely to harass our professors. When Finance Professor Luis Viceira asked the class what we thought about an issue, David turned the tables and calmly asked, “What do YOU think?” Then he called out C&S Professor Pete Coughlan for writing the strange word “Complementarity” on the board. While this behavior is mightily entertaining, we’re not sure if it’s such good strategery for David. Next, perhaps prompted by an item on a recent suggestion list from the EC January types, there’s been a sudden rash of Francophobia, usually involving a reference to some hard-nosed negotiator named “Bertrand.” Thankfully, we’re not sure if these jabs refer to Bertrand Gautier or Chaz Bertrand, but we still really haven’t figured out the rationale behind them. Finally, who is this Demola Gbadegesin guy in the Sky Deck who just keeps talking and talking?

Socially, the Frogs have been quite active in the last couple weeks. Last Friday a large group headed out to dinner at the Good Life, and then went next door to the Cantab Lounge to hear Central Square legend Little Joe Cook. Little Joe was apparently quite taken by the temporary nose rings some of the NF women had donned, as he brought them right up to the front of the room to dance with him. Saturday brought on the Priscilla Ball. Not surprisingly, Sormeh Dowlatshahi volunteered to dress many a male Frog and teach them how to strut. Stephan Morais attributes the many compliments he got on his gratuitous cleavage to Sormeh, but promises that he will never again wear high heels. And while Stephan sacrificed his goatee for the event, the record reflects his flowery top would have been better complemented had the razor touched his underarms as well. This Tuesday the Frog Pong turned green, gold, and purple in honor of Mardi Gras. Brazilian Guilherme Lima remarked of the week leading up to Lent, “This is the first time in my life I’ve been productive this week.”