Summer Tales-Septembers Go Free

It is impossible to chart the globe trotting or airmiles racked up by the Septembers with four free months to play with – those who didn’t engage in a trek to far off lands were the exception rather than the rule. If anybody didn’t leave Boston for the entire Summer, we should hear about it – it would be quite a story. Here are a few tidbits from assorted travel tales that came my way – keep sending me pictures and stories of your far-flung treks or interesting stories, and we’ll print them next week.

Pebbles Vadakan (OD) took 31 classmates and partners round Thailand on a elephant-trekking-bamboo-rafting fandango – look for her article above

Peru seemed to be one of the most popular destinations – Machu Picchu must have felt somewhat like Shad at lunch time – Ana Fernandes (OA) tramped the Inca Trail with Patty Halfen (OG) but complained of 4
days walking with no shower, however baby wipes saved the day, apparently. Elena Pirondini (OE) took along Mayya Dabbagh (OB) and Colleen McCaffrey (OE) in an Italian expedition there, somehow not bumping into Guillermo Villanueva (OB) and his band of 11 from HBS – read David Wygant’s article above.

Emily Love (OA) went to a St. Paul Saints (minor league baseball game) with the MBA interns from General Mills and got hit in the chin by a fly ball! She still has the ball (and a bruise) to prove it. Bilge Bahar (OD) caught a fish with her bare hands while at home in Turkey, and Ruben Salinas (OE) spent his time training to be a private pilot (see picture). Victor Ho and Jenn Filpo (both OA) spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic, and discovered on their return they had been staying in the same hotel at the same time and not seen each other once – freaky.
Aman Kapadia (OA) hosted Imran Amed (OD) and Bereket Selassie (OA) in the Philippines, and Michael Polay (OA) trekked west to Walt Disney Parks & Resorts in Los Angeles and worked as Mickey’s twin Michael Mouse.
Patrick Chung (OA) went to China for 6 weeks and delved deeply into the antiquities trade, mastering the authentication and dating of Ming and Qing dynasty Imperial taste porcelains and Han and Tang dynasty clay funereal objects (and why not?). Upon his return to the West, he struck up relations with the finer auction houses, galleries, and museums of London, New York, Boston, and Toronto and started dealing in porcelains and vernacular furniture himself – he needs to pay for four years of tuition somehow.

John Brown (OE) and Tyler Morse (OB) spent 12 days in Australia bouncing around in an RV, including scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and climbing to the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney. They then almost killed a kangaroo as they raced cross-country across vineyards to get to a dinner.

Other Summer stories? Send them in. Also there is no doubt that the Januaries managed to amuse themselves in their mini-holiday – so send in those tales to name and shame.