SPECIAL DOWNLOAD: Sept. 11 Tribute Tune

Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Jonathan Waggoner (NC) of the band known as Corporate Whore composed a song in an attempt to understand the bigger picture behind the tragedy. Here you can download “The Frame,” performed by Waggoner on vocals, Amanda Krantz (NB) drums, James Jarrett (NG) lead guitar, and Neil Edwards (NA) rhythm guitar:

The band has not yet performed the song live, but is in the process of cutting a CD. From there, they plan to start touring the Cambridge and Boston bar scene. At the moment, they are seeking suggestions for a band logo and t-shirt design, with prizes offered for winning suggestions.

Feel free to sing along with the lyrics:

The Frame

I see children on TV
Without enough food to eat
And I ask why

I see soldiers killing each other
Over the sins of the past
Why can’t they try

Sometimes there’s no right answer
Sometimes there’s no one to blame
But God knows there’s a bigger picture
It’s just so big
We can’t see the frame

People in this world
Struggle to get by everyday
I feel like I should cry

And when life gets to close me
And takes away something I love
How will I get by?


When life all seems crazy
If feels like it all could fall apart
Just know it’ll get better
And right now is when it starts

And when life gets to close me
And takes away something I love
How will I get by?


It’s just so big
We can’t even begin to see
The frame

October 1, 2001
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