So Much for the Best Laid Plans…

So Much for the Best Laid Plans…
by Jordan Kayloe, NF
This is the Valentine’s Day issue of the Harbus, and it is right here that we planned to introduce the Harbus Intraview, the tales of two students and their night out on the town. In fact, because of this special date, we planned to bring you reports from two different couples. But, alas, we cannot. It seems that the two men who volunteered for this endeavor backed out at the last minute, leaving two lovely women high and dry. Yes, that’s right-the two MEN bailed on us, without even so much as a plausible excuse. No wonder the women of HBS complain about us all the time-too busy to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation from the Life of the Case Study. Contingency plans were exercised, but these back-ups did not work either. New contingencies have been developed for the future, and quite an opportunity has been created for the Harbus editorial staff. Prash “The Bengal Tiger” Agarwal, Jim Mutugi-san, Stephen “Nice Accent” Johnston, Fahad “It’s just like an arranged marriage back home” Karim, and I are all ready to fill in next time. The Harbus regrets the slip up, and hopes to recover next week. Please contact me at if you’d like to secure a place in line for yourself or your unsuspecting friends.

February 12, 2001
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