Shad Caf‚ and Littering – two complaints!

Complaint 1
Why are HBS students so bloody short sighted? Have you been to Shad Caf‚ for lunch lately? It is a veritable ghost town. Spangler meanwhile is like the London Underground in peak rush hour! I hear people moaning about the congestion, the cramped spaces and the average quality of the food and yet do they, as an effective market would, seek alternatives? – The answer is, of course: “no!” I just don’t understand how a facility like Shad which last year was in peak demand can suddenly become jilted like that bitchy girlfriend, or wet boyfriend you ended up hating. Why do I care? The simple reason is that they will close Shad Caf‚ if it is not used. It is as plain as that. No custom, no Shad Caf‚. Then we truly will be stuck with a congested Spangler. So here is a suggestion: don’t be a clueless moron, travel the extra fifty yards from Aldrich, avoid long queues and cramped conditions and go get that sandwich or salad you used to love at Shad before it is gone for ever.
Complaint 2
I don’t know if anyone else has noticed and I don’t know if it is true for the RC, but certainly the EC classrooms are looking like garbage dumps of late. I am shocked at how HBS students can be so oblivious to the crap that they leave behind them after class. For example, I have class in Aldrich 7 at 11.40AM on my Y-schedule and I cannot believe the rubbish consistently left on the floors and desks – spilled coffee cups, banana peels, napkins, flyers, bottles – the list goes on. It is a bloody disgrace that HBS students can be so selfish and inconsiderate to both fellow students and the cleaning staff. So here is my simple message – “Clean the hell up after yourselves you dirty rotten scumbags!”