Section K Rolls to Victory

NK was overdue. The football team fought through a season filled with flashes of heroism and moments of disaster, but in the end struggled through more downs than ups in an emotional roller coaster of a season. The soccer team represented Section K with brilliance until the campaign ended short of a championship, taking an earlier-than-expected exit from the playoffs. But right about now it appears that Section K athletics are just hitting their stride…

The NK volleyball team opened the season with a victory in straight games (15-5, 15-8) over NF. Alex Azoulay showed off the skills that made him a beach volleyball legend in the south of France. His blistering serves continually kept NF off balance and following a serve that struck a dazed opponent directly in the chest, teammate Owen Wilson was quoted as saying “it’s OK, he’s French”. Well-said Owen! Not to be outdone, Susan Thaxton proved once again that it’s not the size of the animal in the fight but instead the fight in the animal that matters most as she demonstrated perfect form while raining bullet-like serves over the net.
Anya Ulitskaya and Matt DuPlessie anchored a solid NF team but were unable to stop the well-oiled machine known as Special K. Owen continued his run for the title of Section K Intramural MVP as he once again learned and excelled in a sport minutes after stepping on the court. (He also wanted to let everyone know that his groin pull is recovering nicely and he appreciates all the “support” he has received). Jeff LeBlanc managed not to get cold-called long enough during the game to hammer down a number of kills in addition to his strong defensive net play. But NK’s very own Gaurav Grover stole the show. GG decided that normal volleyball techniques such as the bump and set were unnecessary and treated us all to his personal style of volleyball, which relies heavily on shots from the chest and shoulders. Keep up the creative play GG! Special K, you just keep on rollin’…

December 3, 2001
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