Review of The Surfside Motor Inn in Chatham, MA Motor Inn in Chatham, MA

As one passes the palatial estates of Chatham and the communities on the Cape, one might assume it will cost you a pretty penny to lodge in this town (I have been burned by this in the past, I don’t mind telling ya). However, to find the best deal in Chatham, one should continue past Main Street’s retail center, past all the American flag bearing homes, and past a big pile of dog shit, to reach the Surfside Motor Inn. Here, for a scant $100 a night you get a comfortable, if slightly spartan, room with a few nice surprises. In addition to views of the ocean from some rooms, the accommodations include a TV with over 100 channels for your early morning viewing pleasure, a refrigerator to keep your beers cold (but only if you plug it in), and in some cases a kitchen (although the great big fat woman nextdoor made sure we knew that the kitchen there was for her use and not ours).

I know what you are thinking – seems like a fair deal for a hundo, but nothing to write an article about. Oh, but it gets better. Included in the price are doughnuts. Yes doughnuts, all you can eat, and we ate quite a few, English muffins too. But the real value added of the Surfside lies beyond its red schoolhouse structure. Right outside is a lawn that, until we arrived, was bright green and well kept. This lawn, however, doubles very nicely as a wiffleball field. Many hours of beer and wiffleball were enjoyed as we destroyed the lawn and garden. The owner’s son in law, Glenn, and his 9-year old son joined in and played throughout the afternoon. Glenn, who bears a scary resemblance to Booger from Revenge of the Nerds, launched a Zack Kramer hanging curveball deep beyond the homerun wall in a blast that might still be traveling.
All in all, I would highly recommend the Surfside Motor Inn as an inexpensive, comfortable place to stay while visiting Cape Cod.

June 4, 2001
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