Presidential Escapades

The greatest challenge any student faces at HBS is managing time. With thirteen cases, Shad hours and involvement in a number of clubs and societies, for most students, almost all the weekdays are really packed. However when it comes to weekends, the situation is usually the same. The most recent Presidents’ Day Weekend is one example.

Hundreds of HBS students took advantage of the four-day holiday to leave Boston and escape on Treks, trips and excursions. This made the last weekend quite eventful for them. Over one hundred students from both first and second years headed north to Montreal. The group spent a day in Montreal and two days of skiing in Mt. Sutton and Vermont. After Euro, West and Hollywood, HBS treks continued to Austin, Seattle, and Washington DC. Students went in pursuit of various job and networking opportunities. Despite Hell Week being over, the networked recruitment search is now in full swing. A large number went to London, New York and California for Sell Days, interviews and mini holidays.

This shows the unique lifestyle HBS students spend during their MBA years, which is much more than cases and classroom participation. It is perhaps these treks, and social trips which leave nice and harsh memories for most of the students, that make HBS life so special.
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February 26, 2001
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