Post Game Interviews

Thought it’d be interesting to ask our two Intraviewers some questions after their southern journey. These interviews were conducted separately, but I’ve intermingled the responses for fun.

Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, did you really get lost, or were you just trying to pull that “ran out of gas” trick? It’s a little cold for that, no?

Dobbs: A good magician never reveals the secret to their tricks. No comment.

Uncle Jordy: Julie, do you think Dobbs really got lost, or was he just trying to pull that “ran out of gas” trick? What kind of car does he drive, and will you buy him a GPS receiver to put in it next Christmas?

Julie: I don’t think Dobbs got lost, I just think he is just more of a “big picture” kind of guy, and details like highway exits are just not that important to him. Then again, he did try one of those “yawn and stretch” moves somewhere around the Rhode Island border, so maybe I should’ve been more concerned. I would love to get him a GPS receiver for his Acura, but I’ve already decided to pay for him to have his nipple pierced for Christmas.

Uncle Jordy: Julie, you quoted National Lampoon’s European Vacation in your article. Which Vacation movie do you like best–the original, European, or Christmas?

Julie: The original is obviously the better movie, plus the John Candy cameo at the end far beats the Eric Idle cameos in European Vacation. Most of us also lived that vacation in the family truckster at one time in our lives, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, some HBSers did pre-matriculation internships at investment banks, but you seem to have done one at a bar. This doesn’t appear on your classcard. How do you put a positive spin on this time period with recruiters?
Dobbs: If you don’t like what I did, why would I want to work at your firm anyway?

Uncle Jordy: What kind of cool bar back tricks did Dobbs pick up at his summer job?

Julie: Ever seen the movie Cocktail? None of those.

Uncle Jordy: What did your Intraviewer order for dinner, and what does that say about him/her?

Dobbs: Duck. Sophisticated, charming, and great taste in food!

Julie: Risotto. I wondered whether that just indicated that he is not used to eating with both hands, so I decided to test him out by swapping plates with him so he would have to sample the duck I had ordered. I was wrong. He performed beautifully, and Emily Post would be proud of him. He’s a true renaissance man.

Uncle Jordy: Julie, why did Duke lose at Cameron to Maryland? Do you think the Devils can beat Stanford in the tourney?
Julie: I’m still in mourning over that one, Uncle Jordy. You had to go for the jugular. No doubt, the potential loss of big-man Carlos Boozer is going to be a real problem for the Blue Devils going into the tourney. However, if they have any sense for the grief I will have to endure from you if we tank it yet again, they’ll show up with their A-game and give Stanford the beating they so deserve.

Uncle Jordy: Dobbs, your talk of Mardi Gras and flashing reminds me of…Mardi Gras and flashing. Did you give up any beads, Mr. Dobrynio?

Dobbs: I have never been to Mardi Gras–that was just hot wind and pipe dreams, Uncle Jordy.

Uncle Jordy: Will there be a second Intraview?

Dobbs: Julie and I will definitely be out on the town again.

Julie: You’ve been talking to my mother, haven’t you?