Post Game Interview

AuntieGoldie: So Brian, this was your first “experience” with a Canadian? Did she wear snowshoes on the date? Did she talk with a funny accent?
Davis: She did not wear snowshoes, and there was not a discernable accent.

AuntieGoldie: Oh, that’s disappointing. You can tell me the truth-were you purposely trying to get lost so that you could spend a romantic evening under the stars with the lovely Miss Stefanie?

Davis: I must admit, I am pretty much incompetent when it comes to navigation skills.

AuntieGoldie: Yeah, that’s pretty much what she said. What’s your biggest phobia? Haunted houses, or is there some scarier than that?

Davis: The wrath of a woman when you’re late to pick her up?

AuntieGoldie: Was Stefanie particularly wrathful, or are you speaking from past experience?

Davis: No, no, I’ve just heard stories

AuntieGoldie: Do you think that the haunted house job market may be a viable alternative for second years unable to get a job on Wall Street?

Davis: There were some pretty scary creatures there, and looking around campus it seems like there might be some viable candidates out there.

AuntieGoldie: So, last week we learned that on dates in Paraguay, one makes out in the hallway behind the movie theater in Asuncion. What do youngsters do on dates in Canada?

Kudrac: I never dated in Canada. I actually spent my teen years in Europe.

AuntieGoldie: What do youngsters do on dates in Europe?

Kudrac: Lots of wine, smoking, and group dates.

AuntieGoldie: Hmm, sounds interesting, but we won’t go there. So, do you think Mr. Davis was getting lost on purpose so that he could spend a romantic evening under the stars with you?

Kudrac: I think he’s just directionally inept. I think I would think differently if he hadn’t got lost on the way to the apartment.
Question from Celebrity Guest Uncle Jordy: You crazy kids seem to have gotten a little lost on your excursion. How big do you think the in-dash GPS market is in Massachusetts? Please calculate aloud.

Kudrac: It’s clearly not large enough, since nobody seems to have one.

AuntieGoldie: Excellent. Good out of the box thinking. So what was up with the waitress? Drugs, or was she just consuming the restaurant’s drinks?

Kudrac: No, she was on something definitely, not just drinks.

AuntieGoldie: OK. Imagine the Haunted House monster actually came after you. It’s one on one. You have two pencils, a slide rule, and access to a Black Scholes calculator. Do you think you could have adequately protected Brian?

Kudrac: At that point, Brian was holding me in front of him. I would have tried to ditch Brian just like he tried to ditch me.

AuntieGoldie: Another good answer. So, was there any kissy-kissy at the end of the date? Be careful what you say, because I’m going to ask Brian too.

Kudrac: No kissy kissy.

AuntieGoldie: Will there be another Intraview?

Kudrac: We had a lot of fun. I don’t know that we’re soulmates, but I’d totally hang out with him.

Davis: There are always possibilities.

October 29, 2001
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