Over 200 New Admits To Descend Upon HBS!

Students of Indian origin in Section ND put together an elaborate lunch fiesta last Friday for sectionmates and Indian friends, exposing them to Holi, the Indian festival of color. An excellent presentation put together by J.D. Dhaliwal, Neera Nundy, Aparna Piramal and Imran Amed, all of ND, took the audience through details of the festival and some facts about India. Immediately after this there was a sprinkling of colored powders on people,s faces and hair. Several non-Indians gamely joined in the fun. Hot Indian appetisers were served ^ delicious samosa, pakora and chicken tikka. Amidst music and a festive environment, ND joined Indian RC students in celebrating the harvest and the joys of spring. In a telling sign of the seriousness of the last class before September RC Spring Break, few students looked surprised to see students walking back to their classrooms splashed in shades of red, green and purple.