Out of the Starting Gates

Name: Kate Attea
Alias: Lefty
Year: January 2001
Shoes: Nike
Number of Marathons: 2

Greatest Marathon Fear: The expression of pity and mercy on spectators’ faces when they look at me at mile 20 – I assure you, this is not inspiring. I’d rather they lie and say I look great, that my name must be Speedy Gonzales, that I was creating a void of space from my speed…
Way to Distinguish on Race Day: My shirt will have my name in huge letters, so that I can feel like a celebrity when people call my name as I run by.
A huge cheeseburger and beer that I will finish when I am done. Seriously, the last two marathons I raised money for the Leukemia Society, and it was inspiring to run for children who go through treatments that are much more challenging than a mere 26.2 miles.

Name: Beth Ferguson
Alias: Bethy
Year: January 2001
Shoes: Adidas
Number of Marathons: 3

Greatest Marathon Fear: My greatest fear is being the last runner (jogger) across the line! It hasn’t happened yet, but Boston is a whole new ballgame!
Way to Distinguish on Race Day:
I will proudly wear the HBS logo, so that people can yell, “Go HBS!”. Whether I finish or not, the brand will survive!
Secret Training Hint: Pasta and beer are a great combination!
Inspiration: Raising funds for the West End House and all of the volunteers that spend countless hours helping kids is more than enough inspiration to run a measly 26.2 miles!

Name: Cyrus Hadidi
Alias: Rusty
Year: September 2002
Shoes: Nike Air Flight
Number of Marathons: 0

Greatest Marathon Fear: Seeing the Kenyans pointing at me and laughing.
Way to Distinguish on Race Day:
Start counting from the back of the pack – and then stop immediately.
Secret Training Hint: Always start off a run listening to Thunder Road by Springsteen.
Ron Wizelman, who told me while old age comes to us all, some of us fight
it every step of the way.

Name: Kerry Noone
Alias: Nooner, Noonie, Noonan or the childhood favorite “No One”
Year: January 2001
Shoes: Not sure yet; the Adidas I am currently sporting may not make the cut.
Number of Marathons: 5

Greatest Marathon Fear: Pulling an Uta Pippig at mile 18 and losing all bodily functions.
Way to Distinguish on Race Day:
I will be crimson all over with “BC” (go Eagles!) on one side and “HBS” on the other.
Secret Training Hint: Bodyglide and bananas – what a combo!
Knowing that the money we will raise for the West End House will have a profound impact on 1000+ local kids.

Name: Bill Russell
Alias: The Big Dog
Year: September 2001
Shoes: Nike (cowboy boots don’t yet come in “running” models)
Number of Marathons: 0

Greatest Marathon Fear: My girlfriend, Erin, (see right) passes me.
Way to Distinguish on Race Day:
Either neck and neck with the Kenyans, or enjoying cocktails and chatting up the Wellesley girls at mile 12.
Secret Training Hint:
Read the Worst Case Scenario Survivor Handbook every night and think it could be worse— I could be trying to “maneuver on top of a moving train and then get inside.”
A young paraplegic woman will begin the race at 10am and will be “running” 26.2 feet for the first time in her life. Now that is inspiring.

Name: Erin Thomas
Alias: ET
Year: September, 2001
Shoes: Nike Max Air
Number of Marathons: 2

Greatest Marathon Fear: That I pass my boyfriend, Bill (see left).
Way to Distinguish on Race Day:
Permanent crook in neck from logging in too many
miles on Shad’s Track.
Secret Training Hint: Swimming two miles everyday… on the Charles River…in February (you say a girl from FLA cannot handle the cold? Well, does Jamaica have an Olympic bobsled team? Enough said).
Why do I run marathons? To be a part of a team of over 17,000 on and prior to race day; team sports can not get any better than that; well, maybe HBS Intramurals!

February 20, 2001
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