One Year in the B Hive

As the year draws to a close there is an air of melancholy in the Hive. There are some subtle indicators that people are becoming increasingly aware that good times in Aldrich 108 are not going to last forever. There are more section bonding events than ever, and mid-week cases are taking a backseat.
Professors seem to be sensing the “end of the term” mood in the air also. They are fast crossing into the “friends and fellow Bees” category, what with Rawi teasing us right back in class, and Elon bringing a clone to class. A professor at MIT, Elon’s visitor could be his double if he shaved his beard, as they share the same silver hair and wide smile. Gregor Andrade lost his battle to Section F Professor Luis Viceira over bringing a guest to Finance again. Gregor did get back at Luis, however, frantically transmitting questions so the Bees could dominate the discussion. [Hyeah Prash, B Dominated. Whatever. -Ed.]The list of visitors continues. Guillermo’s sisters looked quite thrilled when we gave him a standing ovation in class. They quickly took a picture, which we hope will haunt Guillermo when he is a forty-year old Peruvian CEO. Tiffany’s Mom was amused when she got an ovation, but Jame avoided the situation by remaining silent when his folks came. Renata brought her sister, and she seemed to enjoy the company of the Bees, hopping in for more than one class. Sean Lanagan and Rob Lawrence brought their parents too.

The “Case Rip Cord” series seems to be catching on in real life. A prominent coffee entrepreneur brought their brewing machines to Aldrich Hall on the day of their case. To their utter distress, the machine just wouldn’t start. HBS students had a field day smiling benevolently as the harried staff tried to figure out the problem. Luckily the issue was soon resolved, and great coffee helped us get through the day.
Meanwhile, last week’s lunches were spent attending the EC course information sessions. Bees emerged from these sessions with one of two views: either wanting to take ALL the courses in a discipline feeling relieved that they needn’t sign up for those scary sounding courses.

Tiffany orchestrated the Summer Search Auction, and it was a huge success. Jame and Tyler Morse (in a blood red necktie) were excellent Masters of Ceremonies. Finance Professor Pete Hecht attended the auction and bid enthusiastically, raising the spirits of all present. The enthusiasm of the Hive yielded over ten thousand dollars for community service projects. The Hive was also very excited to host a Summer Search High School grant recipient in our BGIE class. We hope it will inspire her to look at a career in management somewhere down the road.
Todd and Tyler had fun running in the Boston Marathon. Bees went on a Sam Adams tour to teach the brewers about shrinkage. David Wygant led the creation of a vegetarian gastronomical delight as Bees demonstrated their culinary skills in the Chili cook off. Hope you got a taste!