OK A & B Outplay OG

OK improved its record to 3-2 with a 43-42 victory over OG in B-League play. Peter Jin led the way with 14 points, while Kevin Cornils gobbled up rebounds for OK. Kevin also hit two clutch free throws to seal the victory. OK will now gear up to take on NK and attempt to turn our record around from a disappointing 1-5 last year to 4-2 this year. We plan to be a force in the playoffs this year and make our A-League brothers proud.

Ice. This is the new keyword for the OK A basketball squad after breaking a two-game losing streak against a talented, previously undefeated OG squad. OG needed more bags of ice than a Hamilton 4-th floor party to tend to their wounds after the game. OK could not be iced at the foul line which helped assure their victory. On-court leader and top scorer Kevin Rabbitt exited the game early with an ankle injury. Patrick Moore played hurt and aggravated a previous ankle sprain. Jim Wilder, uhh, well he was hurting in more sensitive areas. To the dismay of OG, Kevin had already collected 20 points prior to his departure, including two consecutive threes to regain the lead by 5. OK was able to preserve the lead for their captain due to dominant rebounding and strong defense from Nate Niles. Jim Wilder and Dan Burton also contributed to the rebound machine and were solid at the foul line at crucial junctures. It was hard to notice that Patrick Moore played the entire game on a sprained ankle as he buried his share of threes and ran the court like a sprightly 29 year-old. OG’s Brent Hodges connected for numerous threes to keep them in the game. Corey Mulloy’s leadership helped give OG the lead early in the second half before OK took over. OK is in good position for a playoff spot, especially if they can secure one more win in league play. That is, off course, assuming there is no shortage of ice between now and then. (Final Score: 56-42)

March 26, 2001
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