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Last term’s rousing final day showcased Ks’ dramatic talents, as our most colorful characters were roasted by merciless classmates. Highlights included Lane LaMure’s spot-on impression of Alfredo Arreba’s Barcelona brogue, Meg Stern’s swaggering Johnny D’Agostino, and Johnny’s own unique tribute to Curt Zimmerman, the boy from Brazil.

Inter-section relations are just so confusing these days. After stirring up a healthy rivalry with NI during T1, we Ks enjoyed a new opportunity to lock horns (and norms) with cohortmates when the Negotiations faculty kindly scattered those warm and loving NJ people among our ranks for this term’s classes. Js have since been staggering from Aldrich 10 and 110 in anguish, unable to match eager Ks in the cut-and-thrust of classroom debate. So does anyone in J have ANYTHING to say? Sadly, a few Ks have emerged as casualties of this intellectual fencing – notably Carl Harris, winner of NJ’s `Dr Evil’ award and perhaps the first person to have his contributions acknowledged by a SkyDeck other than his own.

C&S and BGIE are shaping up as excellent courses where we’ve had some outstanding discussions (though one or two unwary contributors have drawn our Profs’ withering fire by underestimating the opportunity cost of their remarks).
Finally, the section (and his study group, GSITW) bid a sad farewell to China Danforth, who’s leaving to run his successful music recording business. We wish you all the best and hope you’ll stay in touch.

May 21, 2001
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