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The 85 students of Section H, which stands for Hellraisers of the January Cohort, have burst onto the HBS scene since they came together at the end of Foundations in late January. The section includes an architect, three of the cohort’s four Germans, (for the first time) two Portuguese students, several Canadians (it’s hard to tell exactly how many-they blend in far too well), a Siberian, and even a genuine rocket scientist.

Under the leadership of President Vivek Nasta, one of the Januaries’ unofficial social chairmen, Section H-ers have become a formidable force to be reckoned with all across campus.

The Section got off to a great start when the members of Old H paid a visit to their New H colleagues to explain several section customs and to present a few awards, bestowing the PINhead Award, a large bowling pin, on Princeton graduate and investment banker Quincy Brown, and explaining the importance of the Section’s pet stuffed shark and stuffed bunny. They also provided NH with a photo highlight reel explaining the Section’s long tradition of Hilarity, Hijinks, and Hearty fun.
Academically, NH is led by Section Chair and LEAD professor Mike Tushman. The group is still recovering from the loss of nearly half its members in a freak plane crash in the Canadian subarctic, on the way home from a LEAD field trip, however. In the meantime, they are soaking up the knowledge of other notables, including Senior Lecturer Steve Kaufman, who is not only NH’s TOM professor, but remains the Chairman and Former CEO of Arrow Electronics. Last week Kaufman was also one of the protagonists in a TOM case about Arrow, so he wears many hats as he begins his teaching experience at HBS.

Throughout HBS, NH is getting attention at social activities as well. Its most prominent success thus far was the karaoke performance of H*SYNC, the section’s resident boy band, who electrified the assembled crowd at the February 24th TGIF with their performance of “H*SYNC’s Back,” a Backstreet Boys cover. The 15 members of H*SYNC won the $250 first prize and were overwhelmed by their screaming fans-they reportedly got the phone numbers of all 10 available women at HBS!

On February 25th, 36 members of NH, in addition to several partners, attended the Priscilla Ball, comprising the largest section contingent at the event. The group met in Mellon for an early evening hair and make-up party sponsored by the women of Section NH, led by Kirsti Domay and fashion police representative Mel Morris from Australia. While the images of Billy Gonzalez’s surprisingly feminine looking shaved legs and whip-carrying Trevor McCaw in a leather skirt were most unsettling, sufficient quantities of alcohol allayed those fears and helped the group to have a fantastic night!
Stay tuned for much more from Section NH-and remember, without H, it’s just BS.

March 5, 2001
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