Life in H

After an all too short “spring” break, the boys and girls of Section H have returned-but someone switched our seats!!!! It’s just not the same anymore with Hector and Matt on the worm deck, and Mike Kaplan half asleep in the power deck, very near a convenient exit door. Strangely enough, Cold Call King Mark Connelly’s powers of professor attraction have moved along with him-he got nailed again on the first day-which makes #47.
The section returned to find that one amongst us had gotten engaged-to someone from Section J!?! Actually, Michael Holt proved to be worthy enough for the lovely Tiana Bowles, and they were engaged on a beach in Costa Rica, thus contradicting the cohort’s general assumption from beginning of January that they were already engaged. Evidently, Mike had to drag Tiana away from her friends and her daiquiri at dinner for a walk on the beach, but it proved to be worth the trip.

Congratulations-we assume the entire cohort is invited!
Just, before exams and the break, the section put on a great performance for its outgoing professors, listing what they had learned as a section. The results: very little that was substantive, but quite a bit about life: Beware of anything with a 3-letter acronym, beware of the balanced scorecard, and, most importantly, if, after graduation, you find yourself in an Eric Peterson-style situation, don’t tell anyone from HBS to write a case about it!

The professors did not leave empty handed. Marketing guru Luc Wathieu received a hip Swatch “Beat” watch, while TOM Prof Steve Kaufman left with a framed copy of the Arrow case-signed by the first HBS section he ever taught. FRC’s own Greg Miller got a new tie-to replace his sock ties circa 1984.
In addition, for FRC, the last class of the day, the class switched seats to do impressions of their fellow sectionmates. Luis Rodriguez-Navarro Oliver won the prize for the best impersonation-for a sleeping Mike Kaplan. Rob Sterner’s Peruvian accent wasn’t far behind. Finally, we all learned a little bit more about EBITDA from Lee Monahan’s rendition of former private equity banker Erich Horsley.

Now, today’s the big day. Grades from Term 1. But not to worry. On the final day of last term’s classes, H was able to convince its professors that the 3’s normally reserved for us should be distributed among the other sections instead. With that kind of peace of mind, we were all ready to enjoy the break.

Once we returned from all corners of the globe (including Japan, Hong Kong, Dsseldorf, Mallorca, Latin America, and Cambridge), H has gotten together for two pub nights (one with I), a celebration of Portuguese culture and wine (thanks, Nuno and Miguel), and a dinner cruise around Boston Harbor. The cruise on the “Spirit of Boston” featured several campy, gold-sequined dancers who brought out the salad, followed by a cooking exhibition by our own newly betrothed Mr. Holt doing his impression of Chef Emeril Lagasse. This was all followed by drinking games at the H tables while the floor show continued (more sequins, Kartik in a Michael Jackson costume, etc.). The end of the night was a trip to Pravda to observe more dancers in outfits of questionable taste.

Now that we’re back, everyone’s still adjusting to the new realities of CAGRs, ZOPAs and BATNAs. The section does have a new member, Amish Mehta, returning after a sabbatical to run his business, but “Ree-shard” Linder remains everyone’s favorite accountant and Secil’s still the section’s most attentive member. Some things never change.

May 21, 2001
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