La Fiesta Latina de las Ranas

Quite a fun Friday we had in and around the Frog Pond on March 23rd. The day started off with a Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sponsored by EM Professor Paul Marshall, who bought the treats after losing a bet to NF’s Stanford alumni. Professor Marshall, a University of Cincinnati graduate, thought his Bearcats had a chance against The Cardinal in an NCAA basketball tournament Sweet Sixteen game, but Cincinnati came out on the short end of the scorecard. Luckily for the Cardinal faithful, no Maryland alumni could be found near the Frog Pond to wager on the Elite Eight. The breakfast was further enhanced by the inundation of the Frog Pond with fifteen Admitted Students from the Class of 2003, whom we successfully convinced that this was just another normal day. The real fun on Friday didn’t kick off until much later that evening, however. Thanks to Jose Aguerrevere, Roberto Anker, Mariano Garrasino, Guilherme Lima, Pedro Lozada, Stephan Morais, Max Pedro, and Javier Segovia for putting on the Section F Latin Party. Jose provided the spectacular views from the Penthouse party room of his apartment building, overlooking Boston’s downtown skyline. Roberto, Pedro, Guilherme, and Javier provided all the Pisco Sours, Caipirinhas, and Pina Coladas we could drink, and Max and Stephan were our Latin Dance instructors. They even procured a Frog pinata! About 150 people from showed up from every section, including three-month old Kathleen Brahan, and some of the Admitted Students who had visited the Frog Pond earlier in the day. In fact, Margaret Howell’s college buddy Alice Borden made her decision to come to HBS over Stanford, despite having wine spilled on her at dinner and being called a “ProFro,” an endearing Stanford term for a Prospective Freshman. As is the Latin custom, the party raged long into the early morning hours.

Which meant that an 8:15 hockey game came awfully early on Saturday for HBS Women’s Blades Claire Broido and Arielle Loeb. Ignoring the lingering Latin juices running through their blood, both scored a goal for HBS in the tournament, and Arielle showed us hockey’s about more than goals by spending some time in the box in Sunday’s championship game. Frogs Jason Sutherland, Kristian Whalen, and Sam Wolff participated in the Men’s tournament.

Saturday also brought Project Outreach, in which Jonathan Hodgson, Ronan McArdle, and Marc Sullivan led 25 Frogs-the biggest turnout of any section-working at the Hawthorne Youth Community Center in Roxbury.

Congratulations to Alex Mandl for being the first Frog to be mentioned in a case, recognized on page 14 of The Breakup of AT&T. And all this time we thought his brush with greatness was working as a White House intern with Monica Lewinsky. Our Alex claims no relation to the Alex in the case, but yeah, sure, we believe you, whatever. And congratulations to NF’s HBS Show Superstars: Dancer Anne Hoecker, Production Manager Darren Crawford, and Crew Member Tara Dixon. Great work!

April 2, 2001
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