Intraview Post Game Interviews

Uncle Jordy: According to the info in the pairing computer, you both are from California. Turns out you’re both Midwesterners. Where exactly are you from, and do you think that this miscue was fate?

Cyrus Hadidi: I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and fled to California when I graduated from high school. I think Midwesterners tend to gravitate to each other instinctually, as East coasters are too preppy and West coasters are too wacky.

Amy Reinhard: I was born and raised in Woodstock, IL. I would bet money that no one has heard of it. Woodstock’s claim to fame is the fact that it was used as the setting for Groundhog Day. Check it out. San Diego is where I consider home. Much better lifestyle. The miscue might be fate, but the fact is that Northern and Southern California are like two different states…different attitudes, different outlooks on life.

UJ: Woodstock, IL? That’s the home of Claussen pickles, right? Did they sponsor any of your childhood sports teams? What’s your favorite pickle?

AR: Drats! You found out. Unfortunately, they didn’t sponsor my team, but can I tell you how much fun we made of the team with the dancing pickle on the back of their jersey? My favorite pickle would have to be the Zesty Deli Pickles.

UJ: You are the second Intraviewers to get lost on Massachusetts highways. Do you think Cyrus was trying to run out of gas? Certainly a risky move in Cecily’s car. Or is there a problem with the signs here? How big do you think the market is for GPS receivers in this state?

CH: Massachusetts definitely has a sign problem. I think it’s a big practical joke they play on all the students who live here for a few years. As far as the GPS question, what is this, a consulting interview?

AR: The market for GPS receivers must be tremendous. Maybe my middle name is gullible, but I think that Cyrus just honestly got a little lost. The good thing is that he admitted it. Thank God for the Dunkin Donuts, which was one of the landmarks on our map. We both decided that Massachusetts has more Dunkin Donuts per capita than any other state in the US.

UJ: Amy, in our first week at Stanford they indoctrinate us to call Cal students “Weenies.” How big is Cyrus’ Weenie factor?

AR: Hmmmm… Very interesting question, though this sounds like a personal issue between you and Cyrus.

UJ: Weenie Boy, Are you betting on Stanfurd in the NCAA Tourney? For conference unity, you know.

CH: For a long time, I’ve struggled with my mixed emotions about Stanfurd in non-Pac10 games. I think a certain parable about new Cadillacs and Mothers-in-Law comes into play . . .

UJ: Cyrus, how did this Intraview prepare you for your first marathon?

CH: Amy pointed out that would be pretty embarrassing to come in last, leading me to add a couple miles to my training schedule.

UJ:AR: If he had fallen and really hurt himself, I would have absolutely done everything in my power to rescue him. Now if he had just twisted his ankle, I would have told him to suck it up. There’s no crying in climbing.

UJ: Amy, you said you were looking for a guy with great hands. Does Cyrus qualify, or did his fingers get too gnarled by the climbing wall?

AR: Absolutlely. Aesthetically, Cyrus has a great pair of
hands. Definitely one of the first things I noticed. I can’t tell you what an important trait this is and I know I speak for many other women out there…

UJ: Will there be a second Intraview?

AR: Giddy-up.

CH: While this question may have worked earlier in the year, we have all now taken Negotiations and hopefully are smart enough to see and avoid prisoner’s dilemmas.