I Went to Newport; I Stayed Home

Newport Ball weekend has come and gone, but memories of Newport Ball weekend live on. My job is to share those memories with you. Your job is to determine to whom they belong. Send your best guesses to me at The best guesser will win valuable prizes. Among other things, he/she will get to dine (on his/her own dime) with Section I Community Standards Rep Maria Molland at the Spangler Grille whenever he/she would like, provided that Maria feels like it too.

1. “Other than the freaking mosquitoes, the setting was idyllic. Flowing dresses, tresses, and wines. The gents in their tuxedos stood out markedly from the wait staff, the absence of serving trays conspicuous. Like all good HBS events, it ended with the local police shutting down a raucous house party. Nuff said.”

2. “Why is Mitch Echenberg swinging from the chandelier??”

3. “Honestly, for cheese tables and a DJ at a card table playing 70s funk under a disco ball, we should have saved the money and gone to the Cambridge Marriott. Felt sort of like my junior high school prom.”

4. “The Great Gatsby… ain’t dat great.”

5. “My weekend was less The Great Gatsby and more Bright Lights, Big City.”

6. “I went looking for love in all the wrong places.”

7. “I got to see whole new sides of my fellow January cohorters – some pretty and some not so pretty. Either way, I have newfound respect for everyone who partied in Newport over the weekend.”

8. “Where was Mark Mitchell?”

9. “He’s only one,
but he drew a crowd.
I missed the ball,
but that’s allowed.
For celebrations and games,
family time is unique.
I’m glad I skipped town
for a meaningful end to the week.”

10. “Zyg, the skipper, taught us land lovers to sail a J22 like an Americas Cup veteran.”

11. “Five words: Zack Kramer and Andrea Deutsch.”

12. “Bad touch pad mouse…but I’m working on something for you.”

13. “We all kept waiting for spreads to turn around and they never did. In a sense, we ended up allocating loans according to price. We held back in Europe, where the spreads fell first each time. We loaned instead to borrowers in LDCs.”

14. “My weekend in Newport was lots of fun; I just wish I could remember some.”

15. “If there’s bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now. That’s just HBSers doing the nasty.”

July 2, 2001
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