How it Could Have Been: Cereal Killers

After wrapping up a fairly intense Fall Quarter, four hundred exhausted Kellogg students headed to Whistler, British Columbia for our annual school ski trip. The landscape at Whistler was a scenic as it is reputed to be, and the trip was truly memorable and about as debaucherous as might be expected. We all managed to get in some great skiing, eat delicious sushi and party like rock stars despite several feet of snow and temperatures dipping into the 40 to 50 below zero range…(Not so different from Evanston!)
Now that we have returned from break, student life is as crazy as ever. While many second-years who have offers can sit back and relax a little, we must confess the first-years are a bit crazed with recruiting. The halls are crowded with people practicing cases, picking stocks and doing mock interviews. As with everyone, we are experiencing an increased interest in “old economy” jobs, such as banking, consulting, and marketing.
You never would have known that anyone was apprehensive about the future of High-Tech this past weekend, January 19-20, during Kellogg’s seventh annual Digital Frontier Conference. The theme of this year’s sold-out conference was “Surviving the Digital Storm,” and the event featured nineteen interactive panels and over seventy speakers. The CEO of Netzero, Mark Goldston, served as the opening keynote speaker for the conference. Other highlights included a face-off between senior e-commerce executives at Ford and GM and an on-going display of the latest in wireless gadgets and state-of-the-art technology.
Students are also preparing for two of the highlights of our winter quarter: Our student-run courses that end with on-site trips, Global Initiatives in Management and Tech Venture. Both are designed to meet once a week until Spring Break. Students who are involved will take their Winter Quarter finals a week early and head to San Francisco if they are taking Tech Ventures, and if they are on a “GIM” trip, destinations include India, Russia, Japan, Thailand & Vietnam, Brazil, Chile & Argentina, and South Africa.
On a social note, students seem to still be recovering from one of Kellogg’s more infamous parties which took place last weekend: Cheesy Wine, our illustrious seventies party. As with most Kellogg events, no holds were barred, and students searched Evanston far and wide for the perfect vintage duds for the event.
Our search for a new dean continues, and July 1 has been targeted for an announcement. Our Search Committee is in the process of sifting through candidates; close to one hundred names from inside and outside Kellogg have been reviewed. Needless to say, we are terribly sad to say goodbye to Dean Jacobs, but the search is in good hands and we are confident that our next leader will be equally dynamic, forward-thinking and dedicated to the Kellogg community.
Finally, we are eagerly anticipating the completion of our new building, which will be an addition to our Anderson/Leverone complex. The new structure has been renamed the Jacobs Center for our beloved Dean.
As we move into the Spring, we look forward to celebrating many other time-honored Kellogg traditions, and we’re all hoping that the weather will warm up. We’re glad to share our experiences with the students at Harvard, and wish them the best.

The first in a series about life at other business schools.

February 5, 2001
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