HBS Parkers Will Need New Permits for Summer

In case no one read the flyers placed on the windshields of cars in the SFP and Peabody garages, the parking permits purchased during registration expire at the end of this month. Additional parking permits are available for July and August at the Harvard Parking Office (29 Garden Street in Harvard Square, 617/495-4795), but at a significant cost: $85/month for full-time residents and $35/month for commuting students.
“Parking is tight all around campus,” said Jim Sarafin, Manager of Parking Services for the University. The ongoing construction at One Western Avenue and the additional construction at a site in the North Yard of the main campus have made any parking place valuable in the area. In addition, the parking garage at Peabody Terrace is undergoing a full renovation during the summer, and Peabody residents are being encouraged to move their cars to the SFP garage.

Students planning to leave their vehicles parked in the SFP garages for the three-week break in August may have another surprise coming. Because there will be some maintenance work going on in the SFP garage, Sarafin said that vehicle storage will only be allowed if students leave a set of keys with someone who will be staying in the area and can move their vehicle within a days’ notice. Otherwise, the vehicle would be towed at the owner’s expence. Of course, during the storage period, students must have a valid parking pass.

Starting in September, the parking rates will be going up slightly as well. Full-time residents will pay $5 more or $90/month, a rate that is set by Harvard Planning and Real Estate, the owners of Soldiers Field Park and the SFP garage. Commuter students’ rates will also increase, but by a smaller amount-from $35 to $37 per month. Sarafin mentioned that those rates are the same that faculty and staff pay.

Parking permits for the summer must be purchased by June 30.