HBS Grand Cricket Showdown

If you don’t know anything about the rules of cricket, just imagine this as a round of golf, it works either way.
Trust me when I say this was one of the most amazing game many of us have ever played in our lives. It marks a genuine low point in HBS sporting culture, exemplified by the truly damming tactics of the losing team.

Basically, there were two teams. The South Asian (SA) team, comprising some foreigners, and the Rest of the World (ROW), comprising some more foreigners.

The ROW team won. But it was more than just a simple victory, more than just a complete thrashing-it was also a moral victory against the cancer which has been eating at the spirit of this beloved sport for the past few years.

For as the SA team began to smell that putrid smell of defeat, they tried every trick in the book. In addition to the usual tricks, they went as far as distracting fielders and even tried to influence the umpire and bias the scoring system. At one point they also walked off the pitch complaining about the poor light and the high wind, even though it was a gorgeous summer day. Then they complained about the heat, and then about state taxes.

But there were two reasons why the ROW still managed to win. Firstly, sheer skill and talent. Secondly, some of us had been fortunate enough to have witnessed professional cricket matches with teams from the subcontinent before we came to HBS. We therefore knew what to expect and how to spot trouble before it could be brewed up by the opposing side.

All in all it was a smashing afternoon of good clean fun for the winning ROW team. The losing SA team managed to lose by the biggest margin ever recorded (think being 420 strokes over par in a 9 hole golf round). As mother in India always said, cheaters never prosper.

July 30, 2001
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