George W. Bush Timeline

1946 George W. Bush born July 6 in New Haven, Conn.
1948 Bush family moves from Connecticut to Texas.
1950 Sister Robin born.
1953 Brother Jeb born. Robin dies of leukemia.
1955 Brother Neil born.
1956 Brother Marvin born.
1959 Sister Dorothy born.
1961 Enrolls at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.
1964 Graduates from Andover and enrolls at Yale University.
His father loses U.S. Senate race in Texas.
1966 Gets engaged, but later mutally agrees to call it off.
1968 Graduates from Yale joins the Texas Air National Guard.
His father runs for U.S. House of Representatives from Texas.
1970 Graduates Combat Crew Training School.
His father loses U.SSenate race in Texas to Lloyd Bentsen.
1971 His father named US Ambassador to the United Nations.
1972 Worked on Winton Blount’s Senate campaign in Alabama.
1973 His father named Chairman of the Republican National Committee.
Works as youth counselor in Houston before leaving National Guard.
Enrolls at HBS.
1974 His father named special envoy to China.
1975 Receives MBA from HBS and visits father in China during summer.
1977 Meets librarian Laura Welch during the summer .
Marries her in November.
Forms Arbusto Energy Inc.
1978 Loses race for U.S. House of Representatives from Texas.
1980 Father elected U.S. Vice President.
1981 Changes name of Arbusto Energy to Bush Exploration.
1982 Twin daughters Jenna and Barbara born.
1984 Bush Exploration merged into Spectrum 7 Energy Corp.
Father re-elected U.S. Vice-President.
1986 Spectrum 7 taken over by Harken Energy Corp.
1988 Father elected U.S. President.
1989 Invests $600,000 in Texas Rangers baseball team.
1992 Father loses U.S. presidential race to Bill Clinton.
1994 Wins race for Texas Governor over incumbent Ann Richards.
1998 Wins re-election for governor.
Bush group sells Rangers.
Bush’s share now worth $14.9 million.
2000 Elected 43rd President of the United States.