Fugakyu—It's Not a Bad Word Anymore

Sushi, sake, sushi, sake…Section C got into a nice easy rhythm Wednesday night as it enjoyed raw delicacies at Fugakyu restaurant in Brookline. What started off as a mere mid-week study break organized by Erik Schulz snowballed (fittingly) into a 50-person assault on calm Japanese sensibilities (in the form of the restaurant’s owners). While there were more cameras in sight than in a Japanese tour group, the event had a vibe unique to Section C, meaning many immature jokes were made and everyone called each other childish names.
Kevin Greene led off the obligatory toasts with the statement that “when we get back from Spring Break, we’re literally going to have a month left with each other,” leaving us in the room wondering exactly where Kevin was going to be after April 19th.

Michael Dal Bello tried not to lecture the section during dinner about filling out the Student Association poll, but failed. We retaliated by wondering—out loud and in stage whispers—who exactly his lovely escort?

bodyguard? for the evening was. Masa Sakairi toasted the section in Japanese. We were all touched until the hostess translated the toast for us as, “I really didn’t want to be up here, but the drunks over there made me say something.” Misha Lomtadze wished the best for all our respective countries including “peace, prosperity and strong GDP growth.” Misha! What a kidder that guy is!
Did you know that the Andrew Davis’ middle name is Overall?

Festivities continued on at the Hong Kong as the section had a little steam to let loose. No more 100-minute classes! No more BGIE cases where the author seems to be compensated on page length! No more movies about that most interesting of topics, Canadian union negotiations! Paintball was going to be the ultimate stress reliever last week, but unfortunately, Mother Nature decided that we’d be better off snowed in then pelting each other. Don’t worry! Charlie’s Angels will be back…
Last week found us shaking things up a little for Mardi Gras with Song Lyrics in C&S. Shalini Aggarwal started us off, commenting that Ryanair had a terrible idea: “I mean, who let the dogs out?” At which point, the ever-game Professor Ramon Casadesus-Masanell said, “What?” Joan Cheng later mentioned that Ryanair could do things that other airlines, “like a Virgin Air, couldn’t do.” Very smooth, Joan, very smooth.

We made it up to Ramon by inviting him to Tony Sanchez’s Section C breakfast on Thursday. As a whole, we are keeping several small appliance companies in business as out came Alex Alt’s espresso machine, Tony’s electric skillet, Tom Wieand’s crepe maker, various toasters, several coffeemakers and Tiffany Lee’s steamer. Lauren Brouhard was also nice enough to bring an entire box of Sweet & Low, but strangely enough, on the day of the case on aspartame wars, no Equal.
Spring Break finds many of us flying off to exotic locales. Bel‚n Aranda-Alvarado is off to Peru, a whole crew of Section C guys are joining Rick de los Reyes and his lovely girlfriend in Brazil, assuming Jason Tepperman gets his visa in time, Alexis Palmer is off to golf and gamble in Las Vegas, and Emily Kranz is, get this—I swear I am not making this up—going to circus school in San Francisco.

Once the Section C jet-setters get back, they’ll be picking up the leadership mantle of several organizations. Congrats to Shalini Aaggarwal, the WSA’s new co-president as well as Arturo Alvarez Demalde, the new co-president of Club Iberoamericano, and Diego Azqueta Secco, the club’s Conference VP.

March 12, 2001
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