Frogs Raise Funds

Section NF held its 2001 Charity Gala Auction on Wednesday, April 4th. In a Tour de Force of giving from the section, about 90 items went up for grabs. Almost 60 items were available by silent auction, where section members had a limited time to write bids each item’s card, and were able to follow up through the evening on how they were doing. Silent Auction items included home cooked meals, well-appointed travel destinations, plenty of “services” and tours, various sports lessons and paraphernalia, lots of luxury consumables, and some random fun items. Like Darren Crawford’s boomerang.
Conor Bastable was the Master of Ceremonies for the Live Auction, which provided the majority of the night’s entertainment. Leading off the pack were four tickets to the Red Sox/Indians game with FRC Professor Paul Healy. The first mad bidding war of the evening ensued between Tenno Tsai and, well, me, Mr Cleveland Guy. Tenno’s deep pockets and love of Manny Ramirez won in the end. Many professors donated meals, including Pete Hecht, Jeff Polzer, and Luis Viceira. Special twists were thrown in by TOM Professor Frances Frei, who offered a Benihana-type Japanese steakhouse dinner, and BGIE Professor Laura Alfaro, who offered an evening at the Crimson Sports Grille watching the US/Costa Rica World Cup qualifying match. Paul Marshall donated a round of golf.

Next came some frequent flier miles donated by Sarah Jacoby. When the bidding seemed to be under market value, Amee Chande reminded everyone that we needed to take into account the Interest Tax Shields we were getting from our donations, and the bids immediately jumped up about 30%.

Then came the first of the dares. Cisco del Valle offered to compliment each and every comment you made in class for a week. Conor gave an example, “Ani, that’s a great question.” Hey, why was Professor Jason Barro bidding on this one? Oh, this prize was transferable. In the end, Ani Vartanian did win this item. Other dares were Gavin Saitowitz’s silence in Finance and EM, which somehow the professors all seemed to find out about; shaving any pattern you wanted into Rob Lawrence’s (NB) beard; two days of Alex Adler in costume; and Todd Feinman doing “Absolutely Anything in Class You Ask.” When Todd’s offer was on the block, Cela Sinay promptly commented, “I don’t have to pay for that.”

Now the entire evening Conor kept reminding us that the bar was open. Somewhere near 11:30, Chaz Bertrand sauntered on over to the keg and seemed to be having some trouble with the tap. The next thing we knew, there was a fountain of Sam Adams shooting about ten feet straight into the air. One would expect Chaz to react quickly to shut this geyser down, but instead he calmly took a step back, looked up, and admired his handiwork.
Big ticket items included an Irish night out with Ronan McArdle and Conor Bastable; a Canadian night in with Kris Whalen and Jason Sutherland; meeting Colin Mahony’s college buddy Othella Harrington at the next Celtics/Knicks game; the illegal Big Bertha driver Ronan McArdle won at Eli Callaway’s talk last semester; and vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, London, Saint Thomas, and Portugal.

In the end, Frogs raised over $13,000. In addition to giving to Summer Search Boston, the funds will also go to The Joey Fund, which helps prevent cystic fibrosis and support effected families and is named after Colin Mahony’s childhood friend who succumbed to the disease; the Young Dreams Foundation, which gives inner-city youth an opportunity to go to college, and was founded by Bryant Young of the San Francisco 49ers, David Reinke’s college roommate; the AIDS Vaccine Foundation, which is donating to AIDS research based on Conor Bastable’s brother riding 575 miles on his bike in Montana this summer; and A Better Chance, nominated by Arielle Loeb, which sponsors inner city youths who attend excellent high schools across the country and gives them leadership experience so they can embark on a college career. Special thanks to auction organizers Conor Bastable, Mary Cannon, Kyra Danilchick, Sormeh Dowlatshahi, and Ronan McArdle. We hear Conor got the nod to take over the Oscars next year.

In other news from the Frog Pond, congratulations to Theresse Kawarabayashi on her acceptance to the joint degree program at the Kennedy School of Government.

April 17, 2001
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