Welcome to the G.W.Bush special issue. Spearheaded by Rick Zednik NF the issue aims at bringing the new president of the US and HBS’s most powerful alum closer to members of the community. As with all special issues to come, this has been explored under various sections of the paper with spoofs and cartoons in addition to the stories and features.

Even as this issue is being put together Bush is preparing to get inaugurated as the 43rd president of the country. Rick was able to speak with his former section mates, his professors and a woman he dated during his MBA journey here. In addition we have a timeline indicating his life’s milestones, a list of the universities and grad schools attended by all US presidents to date among other interesting features.

It has been exciting producing this issue. We do hope you enjoy reading it. Look
out for the Treks special issue next week!

Warm Regards,
The Harbus Team