Dominican Republic

Scott and Beth Johnson organized an all-inclusive trip for nearly 40 couples (plus Johnny) to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We played golf, drank, laid on the beach, drank, played beach volleyball, drank, sailed, drank, gambled, drank, fished (actually, bobbed on a boat for four hours and did nothing), drank, went SCUBA diving and snorkeling, drank, and smoked fine Cuban cigars. Overall, we proved that even old married or attached couples can get out of hand and have a hell of a good time.

Highlights of the trip included:

 Johnny stumbling into, and completely submerging himself in, a fishpond in the resort lobby just after checking in…bags and all. He reportedly yelled a colorful explicative on his way in, attracting the attention of everyone in the area.
 Evening happy hours at the pool bar. The most memorable occasion included chugging beer and “coco-locos” from a baby’s yellow beach pail. Each night, the pool bar claimed at least one female victim who never made it to dinner.
 Dancing it up to cheesy music at the “Fun Pub.” One night, the staff mistakenly left us to manage the place, including the bar…
 Unconfirmed reports of multi-couple, moonlight skinny-dipping expeditions.
 A birthday dinner for one of the partygoers, which was the only time the entire group was able to eat together in one place. Later that night, the birthday boy became part of the nightly entertainment and was crowned “Mr. Animaci¢n” (with a lot of help from his friends in the audience). Bad singing, a cheetah crawl and a Madonna costume were involved…
 Demonstrating prowess with water vehicles by capsizing catamarans and nearly decapitating swimmers with sea kayaks…surely alcohol was not a factor in any of the incidences.