Auntie Sam Tackles Demanding Out of Town Fianc‚s

Dear Auntie Sam,
It has been a great summer indeed. My girlfriend and I got engaged. I’ve come away from my summer job Flipping Burgers with an offer to go back so I’m feeling like a Master of the Universe in Waiting. And I went on a fantastic Vacation to the Moon with Dennis Tito. (Eat your heart out Auntie Sam, did you even go on holiday?) I would never have expected to have such a great summer-I was genuinely bummed to leave HBS at the end of last term.

I can’t wait to start classes next week. A whole New Raft of Professors for me to ingratiate myself with, new sets of Classmates for Me to “Network” With, AND a new set of first year HBSers uninfected by the cynicism of second years. All these Life-Changing Opportunities On Offer and My Fianc‚ Can’t Stop Complaining about my being away from New York for the next 9 months. Don’t get me wrong-I love her to death (or else I wouldn’t have proposed)-but HBS is where it’s at.

She hates spending weekends at HBS because she claims my HBS buddies knock on the door of our ground floor apartment at 8 am on Sunday mornings asking if they can borrow a football. She also claims that the last time we tried to go to a movie in Boston, a Busload of my Sectionmates happened also to be at the same movie. The Latest and Greatest Claim is that I Haven’t Arranged My Schedule to have classes only 3 days a week. How can I say this? I Love Being at HBS and am uncertain about Life Beyond HBS. Love the Fianc‚ but some things have got to take priority over others.
HBS Versus “Partner”

Dear HBS Versus “Partner”,
You Are An Anomaly. Every other letter I have in front of me is about Impending Return to HBS Anxiety and well, here we are. You seem to be one of the few people who got the Point of First Year at HBS. Readymade Section Friends who cut you a lot of slack; Public Speech Training to prepare you for all those speeches you’ll make as CEO; and a Perma Ego Boost from having gotten into HBS to begin with.

But leave HBS after this year you must, so you might as well make hay while the sun shines. I would set myself the following agenda in order of priority:

(I) Don’t Take Classes based on Potential For Intellectual Enrichment-you’ll be reading all the time and that’s really not all HBS is about;
(II) Don’t just go to every section reunion to Solidify that Section Love-reach beyond the section and meet the other 820 people in your class;
(III) Find HBS Classmate with Family Business & Seek Employment Therewith – contrary to popular belief the point of HBS is to have a job that at least services the interest payments on your CitiAssist loans at the end of it;
(IV) Party it up because HBS Only Happens Once In a Lifetime (thank god); and finally,
(V) Do try to spend Some Time With the Fianc‚-she’s going to be a big part of Life After HBS.

Auntie Sam

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September 4, 2001
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