All for I and I for All

We’ve arrived at the last Harbus issue of the last January cohort’s first semester.

My goal in this issue is to perform a public service for those among us who are doubly unlucky. This is the group that (a) is not part of the January cohort and (b) has not yet had the opportunity to meet the best of said cohort-the January cohort of the January cohort, if you will: Section I.

Now this unlucky group finds itself on the verge of leaving campus, either for the entire summer or for their entire lives.
Fear not, oh dejected ones. I am here to introduce you to the 90 sparkly members of NI: 85 students and five professors. Feel free to take this article with you as you move on to the next phases of your lives. You may want to seal it in cellophane; tears of longing do a number on newsprint.

There’s Jason Rapp; he’s draining threes
And David Moffat’s hugging trees

Janet brought her mom to TOM
Toni dropped the Long John bomb

Asad comes from Pakistan
Ed Jen follows Genghis Khan

Jeff Quake with his trusty Swatch
Eric Emmons drinking scotch

Insider trading? Not Mike Hodge
A bullet Andy couldn’t dodge

There’s Tattie Cohen with no hometown
And Tony Ho to calm her down

Liz watched pre-show basketball
Kapil’s Duke team won it all

Victor wears a stripy suit
Arturo’s flags we all salute

Tiberius, seeing those flags unfurled,
Says “How `bout me? I rule the world”

Bryan Wu likes playing tennis
But hasn’t ever played with Dennis

At last, Pearl is on her own
Henry Tam wears fine cologne

Edouard’s accent is refined
Bowen’s process is aligned

Kevin Mohr is in the corps
Luc Wathieu likes to explore

Brooke’s from GE; her belt is black
Mike’s from Dow and he’s going back

David Hayes is island-bound
Rebecca Sachs: lost and found.

Cinthia stonewalls Zack in class
Sidney’s LEAD word starts with “ass”

Raised to fly, that Agnes Tang
No one gets Jane’s Aussie slang

Jeff Crisan lost fifty pounds
Kathy Park is talking hounds

He speaks his mind, that Wee Ping Lim
Seneca’s always in the gym

Nathanielsz plays a starring role
Christina sings like Nat King Cole

She found HBS Show Fame
And Jason went to Notre Dame

Jun Huangpu thinks he’s old,
Is Sonya Brown on Solid Gold?

Craig H. Boyce once played for Bain
His fellow Craig can entertain

Andrea is buying shoes
While Jeff Wald takes a little snooze

Ed Rep Noah scopes our tests
While Eliav flirts with guests

Guests that Benoit ushers in
With the blessing of Kofi Fynn

News from China Maggie spreads
Dhruv’s been known to knock some heads

Schnitman, Partin, Jacob Capps…
Is that Leslie Perlow playing Taps?

Simone hails from P&G
Andras loves his Hungary

Audrey plans events galore
Ola has perspectives four

For engineering, we’ve got Zyg
And Scott worked on an oil rig

Walenczak-he pays our bills
Corbett’s wife can get us Pills

Marlon Smith talks with his hands
Believe me-I’m one who understands

Zahid records the past with flare
Eric needs a bigger chair

Danny Hawkins never pouts
“Don’t mess with Texas,” Courtney shouts

Fred has lived in many places
Alok and Larry: first name basis

Longer names? We’ve got a few
Hootan, Mon, and Kikka too

Joon sends mail to just the boys
Keith says “Yes” with grace and poise

Mugo knows to talk the talk
But Teo then gets hit with chalk

Donna reaches for the sky
Daisy asks “Who? What? When? Why?”

Mathijs Robbens came from Holland
To sit across from Maria Molland

Kyle used to hand out loans
For friendliness, see Henry Jones

Kaplan’s scorecard wows execs
Mitchell’s class surpasses sex

Karen’s always first to class
Rohit was the first to pass

Now you’ve met new Section I
So take your glass and raise it high

And join the growing, roaring call:
All for I and I for all!

April 23, 2001
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