A Sports Page Profile of HBS Community Member

This Week:
Steve Nelson
Executive Director, MBA Program

Favorite fitness activities?
I enjoy working out at Shad. We’re fortunate at HBS to have such a great facility in our own backyard (with so many friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable people on staff). However, my most time-consuming athletic activity has been coaching my three kids on four different basketball teams this season. It’s a tremendous way for me to spend time with my children and their peers, and especially gratifying to see beginners learn the game, pick up skills, take risks, and have fun in the process.

What is your favorite college/professional sports team?
As a native Kentuckian, I’m quite partial to University of Kentucky basketball. And as an undergraduate of Northwestern University (who attended during Northwestern’s NCAA record losing streak in football), I must say it’s been mind-boggling to see the Wildcats win (or tie for) the Big Ten championship three times in the past six years.

Who is your favorite athlete?
I’m a big fan of Kurt Warner. He won over the hearts of many football fans last year with his enthusiasm, love for the game, and “aw-shucks” approach to life despite his rapid, meteoric rise from relative obscurity to MVP-caliber play. I also have great respect for his strong Christian conviction.