A Dream Come True

As I sat down to reflect on my first few days at HBS, I did not know what to write, what to say, because I had, and still do, so many emotions, ideas, illusions, and expectations about my experience at HBS that it was hard to put them all in words.

Moreover, I am convinced that these two years will be the best time of my life, not only because of what everybody already knows (academic excellence, hard work, and an amazing personal network), but also because it involves a completely new way of living. As I am an international student, I had to leave my family and my country, the environment I had always known, to make a dream come true. Now that this time has begun, I am seizing it and it has surpassed my expectations.

Although HBS is known as the school of cold-hearted and snobbish pre-executives, I have already gotten to know so many wonderful people-people who are anything but cold-hearted and snobbish-that I definitely feel this is the best place to be. There is always someone willing to support you and talk to you. And if it is like this in the very first week, the following months will be like standing on top of the world.

September 4, 2001
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