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Making it Work for Working Mothers

The Harvard Business School MBA Class of 2013 has 39 percent women, a record high for the school.  Looking at history, it is evident that this number demonstrates significant progress in women’s advancement in business.  But, when we look at the business world today, we see many statistics that do not reflect the same degree…


Sexism in the Classroom and Workplace

Zack’s perspective I’m not sexist. At least, I really don’t mean to be. Is it wrong for me to open a door for a female colleague at work? I mean, I know I’m treating her different, but I’m trying to be a proper gentleman, that’s ok, isn’t it? Last Thursday, the WSA hosted Professors Amy…


Baker Library – Historical Collections: Buy Now, Pay Later

Baker Library HistoricalÿCollections, Harvard Business Schoolÿannounces the opening of a new exhibition – “Buy Now, Pay Later: A History of Personal Credit.”ÿ The exhibit will run through June 3, 2011 in the North Lobby, Baker Library, Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School. ÿThere is a myth of a lost golden age of economic virtue. Once upon…


Khanna to Helm South Asia Initiative And Launch Significant Interfaculty Initiatives of Relevance to Contemporary South Asia

In his new role as director, Tarun Khanna will work to advance Harvard’s research and educational mission within the field of South Asian studies, working with faculty colleagues on the institute steering committee, and reaching across the faculties of the University. The South Asia Initiative welcomed Tarun Khanna, the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at Harvard…


Letter to the Editor – Response to Kwame Spearman’s Article

We write to respond to Kwame Spearman’s recent critique of DateHarvardSQ (www.dateharvardsq.com), which admonished us for not launching our website with functionality for Harvard women and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Kwame’s analysis was regrettably uninformed. The success of DateHarvardSQ has always been and will always be about one thing – connecting all people in search…


An Interview With Pamela Meyer (HBS’86)

HBS has a rich and diverse base of alumni. In this column, we speak with the alumni who have been out in the real world and bring their experiences and perspectives to our readers. We’re starting this column with a very interesting person – She was at HBS some 25 years back – the era…


Need Information? Think Baker Library!

The world of business information is at your fingertips 24/7. ÿHarvard Libraries offer access to a vast array of information resources online, on the Web and in print.ÿ However, sometimes it’s not easy to find and evaluate the information you need.ÿ ÿ Whether you’re new or just need a refresher – Baker Library Services offers…


Class of 2010 Faculty Awards Announcement

More than 700 members of the Class of 2010 voted for their favorite HBS professors, based on inspiration, knowledge transfer, accessibility, career guidance, and feedback. Votes were compared to the total number of students taught by a given professor, and we are happy to announce that two RC professors and three EC professors will receive…


Putting the MBA to Work for Good

HBS students manage an NGO focused on malaria prevention, putting their business training, talented classmates and Harvard resources toward a greater good. To many HBS students, malaria prevention is simply part of the list of precautions taken before embarking on travel to exotic and faraway lands. But for a group of students, malaria has become…


Gender Discrepancies in Academic Performance

Students, in partnership with faculty and administration, are continuing to focus on improving female academic performance at HBS. Are men and women equal at HBS? It’s a question that has been front of mind at HBS in recent weeks. In a recent staff meeting, HBS professors as a group discussed ongoing discrepancies in male and…


A Rookie’s Journey to Run the Boston Marathon

Revelry – and a Long RunAs I discovered a few days beforehand, my 21-mile, longest-ever training run was scheduled for bright and early the morning after the EC Revelry ball – talk about bad timing.ÿ Safe to say, there was no way I was going to miss my final formal event at HBS in such…


A Peek into our Leadership Aptitudes

In a rapidly globalizing world, we need a strong appreciation of the subtle, but important, cultural differences between leadership styles between the east and the west. Nearly every aspect of our life at HBS has crossed paths with a reference to leadership. We are all discovering its meaning in our own unique ways. As part…


Kwama Sutra – Courting

This column is co-written with my esteemed colleague and sectionmate Renny McPherson. After a turbulent Hell Week, we both began to see clear connections between the job search and finding a mate at HBS. “If she hasn’t called me back by 8 p.m., is that a bad thing?” Beginning after President’s Day, 950 Harvard Business…


Online Dating: Fad, Farce, or Fabulous?

Okay, let’s engage in a hypothetical:It’s a Friday night and you’re in a bar. It’s crowded. Very, very crowded. So crowded and noisy in fact that any attempt you’ve made at conversation has dissolved into a screaming match. By this point you’ve lost your voice and you’re at the brink of losing your sanity. So…


Global Impact Experience

Three Harvard Business School students participated in a volunteer consulting project in Jordan over January term to promote environmentally sustainable building practices. The project was sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Global Impact Experience (GIX) program, a new program at HBS that gives students the opportunity to work for an…


Going the Distance

This is the first in a series of articles following EC Kelly Carson’s quest to run her first marathon through the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. Justÿone more mile. OK, maybe just a few blocks more. well, how about to that stop sign? God, I hate running.ÿ Two years ago, this was the dialogue that ran…


The Lagniappe

Graduated from college? Check. Over searching for any excuse to wear a costume? Nope. I’ve heard that you have a zephyr-load of opportunities (read: parties) to dress up in something absurd/fantastic/slutty/hilarious. For this reason, you’re probably not as excited about Halloween as I am. But I would categorize dressing up as one of those “you…


Baker Library. Something for Everyone.

Harvard Business School’s library is welcoming the class of 2011 with an Open House on September 9, 2009 from 2-4:30pm in the Baker Library Bloomberg Center. Tours will run continually providing students the opportunity to meet information research specialists and find out about services and resources available for academic and career research. The earlier you…


Meet Joe Badaracco

Harbus: Thanks for sitting down with the HARBUS. Have you been interviewed by the HARBUS before?Badaracco: No, not that I recall. Harbus: Recently, a magician snatched your watch from you twice in several minutes. Do you have any idea how that happened?Badaracco: Well, obviously, he distracted me. The embarrassing thing was that he got it…


Single & Looking at HBS

For students, one of the greatest draws of HBS is the extensive alumni network and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships within their own 90 person section. In fact, when it comes to building networks, HBS students are highly successful at both cultivating friendships and translating network contacts into job offers. The only thing HBSers…


Immersion Experience – 2009 HBS Israel IXP

Forty-two students converged in Israel on January 2, 2009 for the inaugural HBS Israel Immersion under the direction of Professor Dan Isenberg – uncertain of what to expect in the face of the ongoing Gaza operation. Perhaps because this conflict is decades-old, in this small country (approximately the size of New Jersey) day-to-day life continues…


Journey to Antarctica

A student journeys to the far end of the earth over Winter Break After a decade of traveling and a passport nearly full of stamps, one place had still eluded me – Antarctica. Upon a little research, a lot of saving and a bit of persistence, my wife and I made the trip down to…


Teaching, Morals and Learning at HBS

An interview with Professor Sandra Sucher, senior lecturer and member of the TOM department at HBS. Professor Sucher talks about her experience in industry, her work as a professor and her particular interest of examining morality and leadership. You had a distinguished career spanning twenty-five years in the corporate world. After years at leadership positions…


Why Do Corporations Die?

Which is the best international company in quality of Management? McDonald’s! The traditional winners, Procter & Gamble and General Electric, have been toppled in the latest Fortune ratings. Bear Stearns, reveredÿas the “Most Admired” securities firm in Fortune’s List in 2005-2007, with 13,500 employees, is dissolving into thin air.ÿFortune’sÿsurvey is a covetedÿranking of talent, quality…


Summer Stories – Chris Tyler, Istanbul

I spent my summer in Istanbul working for yemeksepeti.com (Turkish for foodbasket.com), a food-focused internship that gave me the chance to test the limits of my stomach and learn more about international business. I found the internship through Endeavor, a US based non-profit that provides services to its network of entrepreneurs. Yemeksepeti is an e-commerce…


Student Perspective – Avni Patel (OI)

Happy Birthday Harvard Business School. On this, your 100th birthday, I wish for you the audacity of youth, the confidence of experience and the humility of age. Your 100 years have seen many changes – enterprises grown and faded, technologies come and gone, theories built, torn down and rebuilt again. But one thing has remained…


Faculty Perspective – Professor Bharat Anand

Bharat Anand, Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration, is a professor in the strategy unit. Professor Anand’s research addresses the most important strategic questions general managers face today. His ability to translate his scholarship to the classroom is renowned among HBS students; more than half the class of 2008 ranked Professor Anand’s second-year elective…

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