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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC
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#OverheardOnWestrek – Tactical tips on how to break into start-ups, big tech and VC

By Jennifer Hurford, Harvard Business School Class of 2017 Secretly thankful you didn’t get any of those consulting/banking jobs you felt FOMOed into interviewing for? Here are some tips for getting a job in tech and VC brought to you straight from the mouths of HBS SF alums in big tech, start-ups, clean tech, and VC….

Alumni Career Advice & Perspectives: Katy George, Director at McKinsey
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Alumni Career Advice & Perspectives: Katy George, Director at McKinsey

The Harbus Chief Operating Officer, Natasha Larsen, spoke with HBS PhD aluma, Katy George, about her path to McKinsey, experiences there, and advice to would-be consultants. The Harbus: What was your path from HBS to your current position? KG: I came to Harvard to do a Ph.D. in Business Economics and fell in love with the Technology…

MBA Recruiting Insights from Sydney Kardashian West
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MBA Recruiting Insights from Sydney Kardashian West

  Steve Hind, Harbus Editor-in-Chief As the HBS community takes on recruiting season, Sydney Kardashian West, son of Harbus CEO/Editor-in-Chief, Steve Hind (MBA ‘16), and his fiancé, Steph Stojanovic, shares his insights from a one-on-one session with his HBS career coach. Determined to choose the right career trajectory, Sydney was asked the following questions in…

HBS Alumnus & Corning VP/GM, John Bayne, Shares his Advice during Recruiting Season
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HBS Alumnus & Corning VP/GM, John Bayne, Shares his Advice during Recruiting Season

The Harbus sat down with Harvard Business School alumnus John Bayne (MBA ’94), Vice President & General Manager at Corning Incorporated, and asked him to share his thoughts on the recruiting process, advice for students interested in a manufacturing career, what Corning does to stand out in its industry, and what helps define a successful applicant. Natasha Larsen: Tell us one…


My Summer in Kabul

Can you even call Afghanistan an “emerging market”? Hopefully, eventually, it will emerge. As I reflect on my summer internship with Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications operator, one thing clearly stands out: I learned more in the 10 weeks in Kabul than I did in the three years working prior to HBS.  If you’re considering an internship…

On Campus

Out on the Job Market

It is commonly known that the best companies actively pursue the best candidates regardless of what they look like, where they’re from, or how they live their lives.  In addition to hiring employees regardless of gender, ethnicity, or nationality, recruiting programs also strive to engage LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) individuals as part of…


Searching at HBS

The one thing I heard throughout recruiting is that “searching for dates and searching for jobs is the same thing.” I famously said this, co-writing a Kwama Sutra article with my section mate Renny McPherson last February, after attempting to gain a summer internship during the on campus recruiting period. Since then, my “single” bond…


Career Profiles – Steven Alden

Career Field Prior to HBS :KPMG – Senior Audit associate Position in Bain :Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with Bain?I chose to intern at Bain primarily because of its people and culture.ÿ The partners, managers, recruiting staff and former employees that I met throughout the job search process all came across as…


Hell Week-Smiles, Shuttle Buses and Seven Cubed

If HBS could not succeed in getting ECs jobs last month, it can at least take credit for slowing the spread of H1N1 in Cambridge with its “Greet with a smile, not a handshake” policy. No matter how they were greeted, though, 145 companies came to HBS to add new talent to their ranks during…


Demystifying the Case-Study Interview

I have to be honest: the case interview was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I was a nontraditional student trying to go into one of the most traditional careers out of business school, and I wasn’t quite sure I could do it. So I threw myself into preparation without thinking through the…


HBS Start-Up Profile: Job Hunting in a Crisis

The Dow Jones may be recovering from its record lows of last year but the same is certainly not true of the job market. Companies are still reeling from the recession and uncertain about their hiring plans. Many companies are postponing hiring until needs become more proven, and most students are rightfully preparing for an…


And we walked off to look for America

The beginning of 2008, life couldn’t have gotten better-a fairy-tale love story, marriage, a dream husband, a dream destination, not just the US of A-the HARVARD Business School. Life had given us the lemonade, not just thrown us the lime. A sabbatical to join my husband in this dream mission was the best thing to…


YES–Now is the Best Time to Start a Business

Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Business (in the market and right out of HBS) The current economic environment has sparked worry and confusion as students have begun to struggle with summer and full-time recruiting. Despite the fact that the Dow teeters above 7,000, and we are in the midst of the…


Looking for a Different Summer Experience?

For many of you, recruiting week was a blur, but you got through it with multiple job offers. You are ridiculously excited and have your whole summer planned out. In fact, the only thing between you and the summer is finding that perfect apartment in Manhattan on Craigslist, preferably within walking distance to your wonderful…


Do Community Values Really Impact How Students Live their Lives?

Is HBS’s approach to Community Values an effective way of encouraging students to behave ethically or is Community Values just a waste of time? I spoke with a number of people on campus who interact with students in a variety of settings to determine if students tend to behave in accordance with HBS Community Values….


HBS Should Move the Recruiting Deadlines

In any of our lives, the question of defining personal success can be challenging indeed, and in this endeavor we often look for guideposts. Merriam-Webster’s definition of success is predicated on “attain[ing] a desired object or desired end.” Thinking back to my own childhood I remember vividly when my father declared to my brother and…


Poll – EC Hell Week

QUESTIONS1) How many companies did you interview with last week?4 = Mean0 = Minimum13 = Maximum 2) What is your DING hit rate, i.e. if you interviewed with 10 companies and were dinged by 3, your Ding hit rate is 30%. Please estimate your hit rate if you are still awaiting final round invites or…


Maybe It Is Time to Clean the Tank

Jonathan ponders how too much of a good thing can be a detriment-such as the overwhelming presence of recruiters at HBS. My father purchased an aquarium and a number of goldfish when my brother and I were very young. As we grew older, my brother and I saw a number of fish come and go….


Restaurant Review – Cocktails

Right in Harvard Square, the Charles Hotel becomes a home away from home for many HBS students during recruiting season. If you are one of those people who shudders at the thought of voluntarily setting foot into this company presentation mecca, I wouldn’t blame you. However, with its entrance tucked away in a corner of…


Coming Up – Latin American Career Forum

On November 2, 2006 a coalition of Harvard student groups will hold the first annual Latin American Career Forum. Two HBS clubs, Latino Student Organization (LASO) and Club Latinoamericano, represent HBS in this broad cross-school coalition. The Latin American Career Forum’s mission is to connect Harvard students with companies and non-profit organizations that are either:…


Eating Out: Spicing Up Recruiting Dinners

With recruiting season well underway, most of us have had to face the recruiting-related dinner (pre-interview or, even better, sell dinners!). My approach to these dinners is usually one of mixed emotions. On one hand, they are an opportunity to try out some of Boston’s finer dining establishments, especially given the lowly student budget. On…


Last Remnants of Fall Fade From Campus

December has come yet in many places on and around campus the leaves have held fast to the trees – the ivy covering the walls of Spangler (shown here) is no exception. But the mild weather is sure to soon come to an end as is the end of the fall semester. Right around the…


Dark Monday at HBS

Yes, I know what you are thinking. I am thinking it, too. Fast approaching is the much heralded “Dark Monday,” a day so feared that we hear about it before ever arriving at this school. In every HBS Survival Guide in recent years, the following words have sounded the warning bell: “For those of us…

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