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Two for the Price of Two – Tips for married life at HBS

Being married at HBS can be tough – but it can also be a tax-effective two-year honeymoon for you and your significant other. Daniel Selikowitz and Michaela Alhadeff – the Harbus’s resident HBS couple – share their top tips for wedded bliss. From time to time, we hear joking interpretations of the MBA acronym: “Married But Available”;…

On Campus

Why Harvard Grad School Housing Should Be Smoke Free

In September, my wife and I came home from the hospital with a beautiful baby boy. We were excited, we were happy, and we were exhausted.  But then, we started smelling cigarette smoke in our apartment, and we were shocked. It was seeping through our walls, ceilings, and floors, with an acrid odor strong enough…

On Campus

Crimson Kids: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

In early September I attended the first Crimson Kids meeting, which is a club for HBS children, and started to realize there was more to to the partner role on campus. At the Crimson Kids kick-off meeting, a group of energetic parents welcomed me and several other new families and began explaining the many activities and enriching opportunities that would be available for children and parents throughout the year.

On Campus

Competitive Pumpkin Carving

On the Friday before Halloween, the students, spouses, and children of Section H gathered for their first-annual pumpkin-carving contest.   Fueled by over-sized bags of Halloween candy and cider, the handpicked carving dream-teams chose their tools and their pumpkin www.replicaforbest.co.uk.  The competition heated up when it was announced that the winning team would receive two…

On Campus

Halloween at the Dean’s House

In a joint effort, the Harvard Crimson Kids Club, Dean Nitin Nohria, and his wife Monica hosted one of the largest and most well-attended Halloween events for Harvard Business School families, despite a few challenges and unreliable weather predictions. At 10 a.m., Monday morning Crimson Kids Committee Chair Vanessa Theurer was watching the weather closely…

On Campus

Partner Perspective

Have you all adjusted yet? I think I have… I’ve finally memorized what TOM stands for, met some wonderful partners, and discovered that Whole Foods is dangerous to my paycheck. Yeah, I think I’ve settled in here. However, one little thing that continues to be tough about life as a business school partner is getting…

On Campus

HBS Real Partners-EC Partners Hit the Slopes in STEAMBOAT

In the midst of 450 EC students, partners shredded the pow’ on the EC ski trip. Partners and students flew to Colorado over President’s Day weekend to ski and ride the fresh powder slopes at Steamboat Resort.Comprised of a complete mountain range: Mount Werner, Sunshine Peak, Storm Peak, Thunderhead Peak, Pioneer Ridge and Christie Peak, Steamboat Resort boasts 320 inches of total…


Meet the Kids of HBS

Having children is one of many milestones that students and partners may experience at HBS. Whether your first or third child, HBS is a proven family-friendly place. The MBA Program welcomes children to campus life and the Partner’s Club Crimson Kids offers support for parents and daily activities for children. You may see them parading…


Real Partners of HBS – Partners On The Payroll

Are you wondering why that administrator looks so familiar? Do you swear you’ve seen that partner around campus before? Would it be impossible to imagine a HBS staff member at your section retreat? Well, it’s quite possible a partner has emailed you about your Prematriculation checklist, set up a career coach meeting for you, or…


Real Partners of HBS – Apple Picking: A New England Tradition

Flag football season, fall foliage, section retreats, pumpkin carving, section vests, and Halloween-autumn around HBS is a special time. Students and partners can be found outdoors enjoying the last days of mild temperatures and taking part in true New England traditions. For starters, apple-picking is a popular activity and fun for all ages. Just 20…


Real Partners of HBS – From Military Life to Business School

“Army Wives”, the highest-rated drama series in Lifetime’s history, follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of wives living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. They face deployments, abuse, hostage situations, adultery, and post traumatic stress disorder, just for starters. While the series is busy depicting the lives…


The Balancing Act – A Healthy Relationship versus Student Life

Uprooting a family, making new friends, moving into a smaller apartment, finding a new job, managing chaotic schedules, and dealing with financial stress are some of the obvious challenges that partners may experience when relocating with their student to HBS. While the HBS experience is said to be transformational and some of the best years…


Real Partners of HBS-Annual Clambake Welcomes RC Partners

On Monday, September 6th, the HBS Partners’ Club welcomed new RC partners, students and their families at their annual kick-off event, a traditional New England style Clambake at Marina Bay in Quincy, Mass. Over 300 partners, students and their families kicked-off their first-year at HBS with a traditional New England-style Clambake hosted by the HBS…


Career Profiles – Courtney Bass

Career Field Prior to HBS:Teach for America, Philadelphia Founded & ran small travel company Beijing, China Position in Monitor Group:Summer Consultant Why did you choose an internship with Monitor Group?There were two major things that drew me to Monitor’s summer program. The first was that the program is really small; there were only 8 summer…


Lessons Learned

Valentine’s Day is special for Debby and me; it was the evening of our first date! Working together for 20 years was challenging but contributed significantly to providing balance between family and work-life, strengthening our relationship and accomplishing shared objectives while having fun! ÿWe were partners in raising our 3 children, supporting each other’s individual…


Global Impact Experience

Three Harvard Business School students participated in a volunteer consulting project in Jordan over January term to promote environmentally sustainable building practices. The project was sponsored by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Global Impact Experience (GIX) program, a new program at HBS that gives students the opportunity to work for an…


Are we Happy at HBS?

The Harbus of November 2, I thought, was for some reason very different from the usual issue. I wanted to keep that issue and maybe you ask why. If you happen to read my regular culinary column, which I like to think you do, maybe you are thinking that’s why, but this issue was different…


And we walked off to look for America

The beginning of 2008, life couldn’t have gotten better-a fairy-tale love story, marriage, a dream husband, a dream destination, not just the US of A-the HARVARD Business School. Life had given us the lemonade, not just thrown us the lime. A sabbatical to join my husband in this dream mission was the best thing to…


Running the Numbers

75% percentage of students claim that finding love in HBS is not easy (55.5% male; 44.5% female) 2.86is the average number of different people HBSers have dated within the community 2.7 years is typically the longest relationships a HBS student has had. On the other hand a breakup can occur in as short as 1.4…


A Partners' Viewpoint

1) FOMO or Fear of Missing out: Nobody warns you about FOMO during ‘Admit Weekend.’ It is a dreadful feeling that strikes students around the first few weeks of school. This is much worse than totally being ignored by the sky deck and only slightly better than being the only one without a Facebook profile….


Warmth After A Severe Snowstorm

On January 10, 2008, southern China was struck by a violent snowstorm that lasted 3 weeks. The storm killed at least 107 people, destroyed houses and crops, ripped down power lines, and interrupted the water supply. Over 100 Million people were directly affected by the snowstorm. 1.7 million of the population were forced to evacuate…


It's Never Been Better to Be an HBS Partner

With book clubs, sporting events, whale watching, donation drives and happy hours, it’s been a busy year for the HBS Partners’ Club. And with an enthusiastic RC class, things are sure to get even better in 08-09. Thanks to a top-notch leadership team and tons of participation, club co-presidents Leslie Gimbel and Rebecca Peet managed…


A Partner's View of HBS Stirred a Modicum of Controvery

Our recent rerun of the article A Partner’s View of HBS has stirred a modicum of controvery and discomfort. In a Letter to the Editor run in last week’s Harbus, an anonymous partner wrote “By printing one disgruntled partner’s rant you’ve now intimidated several men and women who have just moved to a new place…


RC Partners Get a Dose of the Case Method

Tom DeLong, former Morgan Stanley executive and HBS professor extraordinaire led the class in exploring the Cirque du Soleil case, typically taught in the EC class, Managing Human Capital. Having received the case beforehand, RC partners got the whole classroom experience, complete with cold calls and messy notes jotted all over the chalkboard. Of this…

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