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Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go Away
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Pokémon Go or Pokémon Go Away

Pokémon is taking the world by storm. For many, it’s been an addictive game that brings back just the right amount of childish nostalgia, but for others, the game is a zombie-inducing virus that’s infected their friends with the mindless obsession to “catch em’ all”. Here at The Harbus, we conducted a woefully non-scientific poll…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Dating at HBS

First, like all things at HBS, know that this is a competitive event. There are winners and losers. There are teams. There are rules, regulations, penalties. There is media buzz. There will be mistakes made, trades, roster cuts, and star performances from the players you least expected. The season will have its ups and downs…


Venture Corner: CIMLS.com Discovers How to Open the Floodgates and Harness Data to Power Its Business

As a refresher, what was your business and your progress at the time of the last Harbus interview? CIMLS.com (The Commercial Investment Multiple Listing Service) is a commercial real estate research service.  We collect and provide access to a huge database of information ranging from property listings to local market demographics www.replicabestsale.co.uk.  At the time…


Top 10 Things Women in Business Should Know

Young women today receive all sorts of professional advice on how to succeed from pundits, the popular press, and even fashion magazines.  Unfortunately, the advice women are receiving is not helping to close the gender gap at the top levels of organizations.  In fact, according to a recent Catalyst study, when women follow the advice…


Entrepreneurship is Overrated

I mean, we really, deeply, unabashedly, lust after entrepreneurship. It’s the dream job. Do whatever you want! No rules! Your own office, your own schedule, everything exactly the way you like it. There’s all kinds of statistics pointing to our collective interest in the profession (though, rather than having me actually research and cite any,…


(Business) Design: Fad or Fact?

Currently a Professor at Case Western University’s Weatherhead School of Management, Richard Buchanan is one of the world’s leading design theorists replica watches. Former head of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, Buchanan joined Weatherhead’s faculty in 2008. He is also co-editor of Design Issues, a premier design journal published by MIT Press. Buchanan defines…


What the Heck is a Chief Innovation Officer?

A few months ago, Josh Yang sold his furniture and turned in his SFP lease. After landing a summer internship at a San Francisco-based mobile apps startup called Pulse, Yang was convinced that he would defer his second year of business school to continue on full time. However, just before starting at Pulse in June,…


Venture Corner: Qweek

What is your business? Qweek is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) workforce scheduling platform. The product helps service businesses like hospitals, fast food restaurants, banks, hotels etc. manage their workforce to both improve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and reduce costs. Our business does that by providing a tool for employees to state their work preferences, and managers…


Open for Business

Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EiRs) are quite possibly the best resource HBS has to offer the budding entrepreneur.  With the patience of a FIN1 professor, the determination of an EC trying to get into Professor Malhotra’s Negotiation class, and knowledge equal to that of Dean Nitin Nohria himself, the EiRs come to HBS with one purpose: to help…


One Mission

Like most weekday mornings, I was in a big hurry to leave the house and get to the office, so when my wife approached me with our infant son cradled in her arms and shook her head negatively, I was frustrated that the start to my week would be disrupted by a need to visit…


Insider’s Perspective – Italy

Imagine flying from the solemn sharp Alps covered by snow to the southern calm crystalline sea, passing through a colorful lakes region. Hills covered with vineyards and olive trees, cities that are masterpieces of architecture, lively villages, churches, and squares. In Italy, whether you’re in a big city or in a small medieval town, you…


Robert S. Kapito

“The reason why ETFs are a phenomenal success is that they solved a lot of problems clients faced with mutual funds, namely surrounding transparency, liquidity, costs and tax-efficiency. Remember, we have been working on developing the ETFs for 15 years before it finally caught on and became popular. This alignment of securities features with client…



If you’re like me, you dread the part of an interview when you get asked, “Any questions for me?” Save the “What’s your firm’s culture like” or “How has the recession affected business?” for the person who is not going to get the offer. Instead, ask a targeted question. Spark the attention of the partner…


Alumni Perspective – Jessica Gelman

HBS has a rich and diverse base of alumni. In this column, we speak with the alumni who have been out in the real world and bring their experiences and perspectives to our readers. This week we spoke with Jessica Gelman (HBS 2002) who went into the unconventional realm of sports and combined her passion…


Rugby Player Profile

Title: Wizard of the Wing, Master of the Match, Humble Servant to Double B (Godfather of Rugby), Director of Sponsorship Height/Weight:6 foot, 200 lbs. Position: Outside Center or Wing. Likes: Wearing my camo snuggie, face chugging in nursing homes, and going shirtless in the Harvard Sq 7-Eleven. Dislikes: Channel surfing and accidentally landing on an…


Real Partners of HBS – Partners On The Payroll

Are you wondering why that administrator looks so familiar? Do you swear you’ve seen that partner around campus before? Would it be impossible to imagine a HBS staff member at your section retreat? Well, it’s quite possible a partner has emailed you about your Prematriculation checklist, set up a career coach meeting for you, or…


Business and the Environment Initiative

The development of corporate integrated reporting (IR) standards has the promise to be one of the great business innovations of the 21st century, and could be pivotal in restoring public trust in business institutions, Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria told a seminal gathering of IR key stakeholders at an HBS workshop last week. Integrated…


Tracey McVicar – Managing Director CAI Capital Management

Last Friday I sat down for an interview with Tracey McVicar, Managing Director of CAI Capital Management, a Canadian private equity firm with a North American investment mandate and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and New York. I have known Tracey for over seven years, first as a mentor and later as a friend and…


Coming Soon to HBS:

On Thursday October 14th, Dean Nitin Nohria held a press conference with Boston Mayor Thomas Manino and Mr. Ratan Tata, chairman of the international conglomerate Tata Sons Ltd. The mayor was present to support two important initiatives at HBS: (1) A new executive education building named Tata Hall after the $50M gift from the Tata…


A Tale of Two Bs

The bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. Aerodynamically speaking I mean, the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly. But, as the saying goes, the bumblebee doesn’t know this and so continues to fly, untroubled by any evidence to the contrary. This is partly folklore and I am decidedly not going to draw any ridiculous comparisons…


J-Term: Decisions, Decisions…

Are you confused about the difference between an IXP, a GIX, a Trek and a Student-Led Trip? Do you have a major case of FOMO when it comes to your J-Term options? We’re here to help you make the most of your month off. In this article, we’ve briefly outlined your different J-Term options and…


HBS Professor Honored by American Marketing Association

Stephen A. Greyser, the Richard P. Chapman Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at Harvard Business School (HBS), has received the 2010 Sports Marketing Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Marketing Association in recognition of his “distinguished career contributions to the scientific understanding of sports business.” Thirty years ago, Greyser codeveloped and taught the first course…


Letter to the Editor – Response to Kwame Spearman’s Article

We write to respond to Kwame Spearman’s recent critique of DateHarvardSQ (www.dateharvardsq.com), which admonished us for not launching our website with functionality for Harvard women and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Kwame’s analysis was regrettably uninformed. The success of DateHarvardSQ has always been and will always be about one thing – connecting all people in search…


An Interview With Pamela Meyer (HBS’86)

HBS has a rich and diverse base of alumni. In this column, we speak with the alumni who have been out in the real world and bring their experiences and perspectives to our readers. We’re starting this column with a very interesting person – She was at HBS some 25 years back – the era…


Harvard Square

So let me get this straight. There is an online dating service that features Harvard men. There is free access on the site for Harvard men. This same dating website charges non-Harvard women a fee to sign up for the site to have access to Harvard men. Harvard women, conversely, cannot sign up for the…


The Entrepreneurial Class

The Class of 2010 started school in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Finance was a blackhole. You could walk the hallways of Spangler and see the tired faces of another round of interviews. Jobs were hard to get. But it was also an opportunity. A number of students took the leap of faith…

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